Entitlement mentality stretches from government to churches

Entitlement mentality stretches from government to churches

In regard to the Ann Mc- Featters column in the July 25 Vindicator titled “Leaders guilty of inaction,” I believe that the writer has it about 1 percent right.

Weak leadership and weak people make for a weak country. I humbly believe that we are all guilty, including me. This country was founded on the fact that we were created to honor God — not that God honor us. Sad to say even in many churches today, it is about what God can do for us instead of what we can do for God.

We have created an entitlement mentality in our government, in our culture, and in our churches, which makes for a weak people. The Bible is very clear that God blesses those who obey him and curses those who disobey, countries and individuals alike.

The quality of life is definitely diminishing in America because we are becoming more and more self-centered. If we would go back to our roots and make life about pleasing God, we would be a stronger people with stronger leadership.

Pastor Joe Congemi, Columbiana

Send Bush, Cheney to Iraq

The blame game is the only game the GOP knows how to play well. But for the GOP to try to blame Obama for the Iraq debacle? Talk about going overboard!

Dick Cheney started the Iraq war based on lies to make money, period. He profiteered making billions off the lives of Americans and Iraqis alike, not caring how many people died. His next article to the New York Times or any other newspaper should be from his prison cell.

Nouri al-Maliki was put in as prime minister of Iraq by Bush. Instead of uniting the country, he used his power as a Shiite to abuse the other religious sects in Iraq, just as Saddam did while in power as a Sunni. Obama tried to leave troops in Iraq but legally could not.

The Status of Forces Agreement between the U.S. and Iraq mandated the removal of all U.S. forces by the end of 2011 and it was signed by Bush and al-Maliki.

The GOP was more than happy to declare victory in Iraq after the initial assault on the country. Remember “W” strutting around the deck of the aircraft carrier? Why don’t they take credit for the situation in Iraq now? If they want advisers in Iraq why not send Cheney and Bush, they should know enough about it to sort things out. But then again, has anyone in the GOP ever really solved any problems, but they sure are good at making them.

Robert W. McKay, Grove City, Pa.