Marriage licenses

Richard J. Smith, 26, of 5569 Hoagland Blackstub Road, Cortland, and Lin Wu, 32, of 1611 Athenon Drive, Kent.

Alex R. Draper, 29, of 417 Ashbury Lane, Niles, and Angela M. Ewanish, 28, of same.

Billie D.C. Grubb, 32, of 9868 W. Salter Drive, Peoria, Ariz., and Kate S. Stephenson, 27, of 17727 N. 89th St., Peoria, Ariz.

Leo S. Wellington, 56, of 6289 Phillips Rice Road, Cortland, and Kelly S. Lowther, 46, of same.

Jacques W. Moss, 24, of 4120 Sandpiper Drive, SE Unit 103, Kentwood, Mich., and Morgan E. Shields, 24, of 11774 East Lake Road, North East, Pa.

Matthew R. MacKenzie 28, of 4651 N. Wolcott Ave., Unit 1, Chicago, Ill., and Jillian R. Smith, 28, of same.

Adam J. Jornigan, 33, of 142 S. Davis St.,, Girard, and Tabitha M. Fish, 33, of same.

Samuel A. Amoline, 25, of 4507 Kincaid East Road, Warren, and Krystle J. Kimes, 25, of 880 Esther Ave., Warren.

Ronald W. Ellis, Sr., 22, of 48 E. Broadway, Girard, and Jessica M. Kornbau, 25, of same.

Kenneth S. Petroski, 21, of 2688 Sherwood Drive, Parma, and Virginia S. Kuhns, 20, of 4210 Kinsman Road NW, N. Bloomfield.

Sandro Pagan, 33, of 985 Main Ave., SW, Warren, and Ashley C. Williams, 21, of same.

Matthew E. Harrison, 24, of 286 Louis Ave., Unit 2, Girard, and Katlyn M. Franklin, 21, of same.

Jacob A. Harcarik, 30, of 485 Olive Ave. NE, Warren, and Meghan R. Landers, 20, of same.

Vincent T. Biamonte, 31, of 1858 Belle Terre, Niles, and Laura R. Donadio, 27, of same.

Treā€™Dell D. C. Code, 21, of 1231 North Road, Unit 300, Niles, and Chastidy Y. Stanford, 21, of 2843 Williamsburg St., Warren.

Kenneth G. Staley, 43, of 3 John St., Niles, and Robin L. Wilson, 42, of 116 N. Walnut St., Sharpsville, Pa.

Jonathon F. Simerlink, 23, of 16 Diane Court, Niles, and Stephanie A. Coleman, 22, of same.

Anthony D. Goett, 22, of 731 Roselawn Ave. NE, Warren, and Amanda L. Clendenin, 20, of same.

Coty C. Salman, 21, of 3271 Lodwick Drive NW, Unit 3, Warren, and Destinee A. Barnett, 19, of same.

Matthew Carson, 42, of 5495 Morrell Ray Road, Bristolville, and Dawn R. Burggraf, 44, of same.

Robert L. Bowdish, 38, of 3007 Crestview Ave., Warren, and Ruth M. Barger, 35, of 3505 Cardinal Drive, Warren.

James F.W. Reese, 29, of 254 Grandview Ave., Hubbard, and Heather L. Darlington, 26, of same.

David A. Strong, 38, of 1000 Illinois Ave., McDonald, and Monica J. Collier, 31, of same.

Nathan J. Swartzlander, 35, of 13601 Othello Ave., Unit 3, Cleveland, and Christine M. Smith, 32, of 410 Grant St., McDonald.

William J. Hawkins, 54, of 333 Prospect, Newton Falls and Sheri A. Kiser, 53, of same.

Stephen W. Risak III, 22, of 2494 S. Canal St., Newton Falls and Bethany L. Runtas, 26, of same.

Mark J. Lake, 29, of 140 Elmsford Drive, West Seneca, N.Y., and Ami M. Markowitz, 27, of 1135 Tod Ave., Girard.

Darrin T. Andrews, 32, of 1030 Sandpiper Trail, Warren and Shaunta K. Miller, 29, of 2766 Dunstan Drive NW, Warren.

Richard A. Thompson, Jr., 37, of 1220 Greenwich Court, Brookfield, and Marilyn E. Russo, 34, of same.

Orval L. Leek, 44, of 6373 Phillips Rice Road, Cortland, and Shelly K. Dobay, 46, of same.

Darren S. Caffie, 54, of 582 Oak Circle, Warren, and Autumn L. Hall, 23, of 1361 Parkman Road, Warren.

Timothy A. Carter II, 29, of 2871 Carrie Ave.,, Southington, and Jamie L. Meade, 31, of same.

Ronnie L. Chipps, Jr., 38, of 300 Ohio Ave., Girard, and Nicole P. Galens, 31, of same.

Jacob S. Rowe, 19, of 50 Duncan St. SW, D.C., and Michelle D. Kuzenko, 19, of 2887 Woodland St. NE, Warren,

Matthew P. Drombeth, 30, of 424 Meherman Ave., Youngstown, and Lauren K. Worena, 28, of 6735 Sodom Hutchings Road, Girard,

Richard P. Gabriel , 37, of 1413 Westover Drive SE, Warren, and Stefanie J. Haynie, 26, of same.

Steven J. Schuyler, 39, of 32 Beaver Ave.,, Niles, and Joy L. Wilden, 29, of same.

Joshua E. Sosnowski, 26, of 812 Mason St.,, Niles and Megan H. Mazarek, 24, of 1303 Northfield Drive, Mineral Ridge.

New complaints

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA v. Gary E. Myers et al, foreclosure.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Lorraine J. Cochran et al, foreclosure.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Chester W. Jones et al, foreclosure.

PNC Bank NA v. Unknown Tenant If Any Of et al, foreclosure.

US Bank NA v. Barbara Forand et al, foreclosure.

Huntington National Bank v. Ronald W. Freel et al, foreclosure.

Trumbull County Treasurer v. Christine Gano et al, foreclosure.

Trumbull County Treasurer v. Vincent F. Carter et al, foreclosure.

Trumbull County Treasurer v. Unknown Heirs NOK and Administrators of Gary Minich et al, foreclosure.

Trumbull County Treasurer v. Charles E. Shearer et al, foreclosure.

Citi Financial Servicing LLC v. Marlene M. Helsey et al, foreclosure.

Greene Tree Servicing LLC v. Sandra L. Smith et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Lisa M. Bryant et al, foreclosure.

Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. NA v. Rebecca L. Wegener et al, foreclosure.

Huntington National Bank v. Ronald W. Freel, foreclosure.

DJL Mortgage Capital Inc. v. Gregory C. Millier, foreclosure.

Trumbull County Treasurer v. Rose Building and Supply Inc., foreclosure.

Warren Ohio Hosp. Co. LLC v. Steven Allen et al, other civil.

Midland Funding LLC v. Davis Frasier, other civil.

Kent State University v. Andre L. Johnson, other civil.

Timothy Kotapish v. Christina McGonigle, other civil.

Renee James v. David Kopinsky, other civil.

In the Matter of the Disposition of Evidence and v. Lordstown Village Police Department, other civil.

Seven Seventeen Credit Union v. New Life Fellowship Church of God in Christ, other civil.

Midland Funding LLC v. Todd Snyder, other civil.

International Technical Polymer Systems Inc. v. Albert Arillotta, other civil.

John Kuivila v. City of Newton Falls, other civil.

Blair and Latell Co. LPA v. Sergio Dipaolo, other civil.

Mark Davidson v. Veltri Enterprises Inc. et al, other torts.

Brenda L. Spencer v. Nabors Completion and Production Services Co. et al, other torts.

Melva Pavello v. Sams East Inc., other torts.

State of Ohio Department of Taxation v. Kerri R. Moyer, money (15).

Mindland Funding LLC v. Andrew Mcelrath, money.

Midland Funding LLC v. Yvonne Reid, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. Tushalla L. Carthorn, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. Tiffany Durst, money.

Trumbull County Clerk of Courts v. Anthony Candel, money.

Sephen Pastor et al v. Nelson Bugher, money.

Arrow Financial Services LLC v. Billie D. Boggs, money.

Dissolutions Asked

Ruth A. Mollica and Rocky Mollica.

Cathy S. Halatek and Daniel A. Halatek.

Howard R. Lather and Wendie S. Lather.

Joel D. Polonus and Heidi L. Polonus.

Melissa E. Noel and Brandon Lee Noel.

Divorces Asked

Diana Lynn Klose v. Robert Andrew Klose.

Nathaniel J. Somerville v. Gina M. Somerville.

Rebecca L. Muckridge v. Andrew L. Gibson.

Briana Hanshaw v. Joseph Hanshaw.

Samantha Spence Torres v. Nicholas Torres Jr.

J. Thomas Armstrong v. Denise A. Armstrong.

Daniel R. McMahon v. Lisa McMahon.

Robert Zimmer v. Jeannie Ann Zimmer.

Christopher Sofranko v. Laurie A. Sofranko.

Rick Mowery v. Shannon Mowery.

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