Greatest threat to our nation looms at border with Mexico

Greatest threat to our nation looms at border with Mexico

2They are fleeing from near-broken societies. Honduras is the most violent nation on the planet with 90 murders per 100,000 citizens. Most all the corruption and violence is directly due to the instability caused by the U.S. demand for the drugs produced in Latin America.

My information on this was taken from the Army Times, July 14, 2014, weekly newspaper. The paper states: “Transitional, criminal organizations contribute to instability, breakdown of governance, and lawlessness. Not to mention, roughly 35,000 deaths and $200 billion that drug use, primarily heroin, coke, and meth cost the U.S. every year. Unbelievable levels of drug profits, approximately $85 billion, are available to transitional, criminal organizations to buy police departments, court systems, and even governments.”

The U.S. government is trying to get $3.7 billion to meet the border crisis. Accepting the children into the U.S. is not the answer. It will only overload the U.S. population and resources.

At the same time, recycling the children back into their country to face possible death and slavery to drug dealers is also inhumane and wrong. No greater threat to this nation was ever more severe than what is happening right now.

Latin America, with its hold on the U.S. population, pertaining to drugs, will consume the U.S. in due time. China did the same thing to the U.S. soldiers in Vietnam. A “perfect storm” is forming in this country. The U.S should nip it in the bud, clean up Latin America for their people, and ours for the survival of the U.S.A.

Paul R. Lawson, McDonald