Banish un-American US flags

Imagine, if you will, joining a Fourth of July extravaganza on the National Mall or the town square to sing a rousing rendition of our national anthem — in Chinese.

Nothing against our Far East friends, but most would find such a performance unsettling, unfitting and downright un-American.

Equally unfitting, unsettling and downright un-American has been our federal government’s real-life practice of purchasing American flags from afar. In 2012, some $3.8 million worth of flags were purchased from China and other nations.

Though many — including our Valley’s bombastic James A. Traficant Jr. — have railed against the practice for decades in the halls of Congress, a bill sponsored by U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Cleveland, offers hope at long last that Uncle Sam has finally come to his senses to buy and display only American-made versions of Old Glory.


Brown’s All-American Flag Act creeped one step closer to law when a Senate committee approved it earlier this month. The act would require the U.S. government buy only flags “that are 100 percent manufactured in the United States, from articles, materials, or supplies 100 percent of which are grown, produced, or manufactured in the United States.”

The legislation is fitting for American troops and veterans who deserve a home-made symbol of their valor. It is fitting for American companies, including several in Ohio, that manufacture high quality flags. And it is fitting for all Americans who reverently pledge their allegiance to the red, white and blue of America — not to the red and yellow of Communist China.

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