Will raccoons be next endangered species in Mill Creek MetroParks?

Will raccoons be next endangered species in Mill Creek MetroParks?

Although I have already seen a few letters regarding the killing of over 200 Canadian geese in Mill Creek Park, I was compelled to add my own two cents. Why wasn’t there a public forum involving the people who support the park with their tax dollars to explore any other options available in solving this problem? Instead, park officials and ODNR made the decision to kill the geese without the knowledge of the public. I am most certain that had this plan been made public prior to its inception, there would have been such an outcry, it never would have happened.

I had always thought that geese were federally protected, yet they were killed by the very persons in charge of protecting them. What’s next? Rounding up all the raccoons because they carry rabies and disease?

Having grown up on the West Side of Youngstown on South Lakeview Avenue, the park was my and my friend’s playground. As kids, we would ride our bikes to Fellows Riverside Gardens and roll down the grassy hills. I am sure that would not be permitted today. Visiting there last year, I noticed a family attempting to picnic on the grass, until they were stopped by the security guard. It appears that since all the taxpayers of Mahoning County began supporting the park, more restrictions have been put in place.

There is no ice skating rink, park roads have become one way, and now they are making decisions about the wildlife in the interest of “what’s best for the public.” Well, don’t speak for me.

Imagining the terror those geese experienced being rounded up and gassed to death is heartbreaking. I will never vote for another Mill Creek Park levy again.

Mary Ellen Rhinehard, Canfield

Mill Creek Park is death camp

I would go to the Calvary Cemetery in Youngstown daily to visit loved ones’ graves, then to the Lily Pond in Mill Creek Park to meditate and watch the beautiful Canada geese enjoy the pond along with the Mallard ducks and one blue heron and one white duck.

Now all have perished at the hands of Mill Creek Park personnel. The pond is no longer but a thing of the past and now has become a death camp. There’s no longer enjoyment to anyone.

I will never bring my out-of-town relatives or friends to the death camp. Shame on you! I never found any geese to be aggressive.

Dennis Rigley, Youngstown

US flag was shameful omission at moving 4th of July celebration

Last evening, my husband, my- self and our grandson sat under the bluest of skies at Wick Recreation Area in Mill Creek Park enjoying the most movingly patriotic celebration of our Fourth of July. Truly, it was an all-American tribute in music.

But where was our flag?

The Youngstown Area Community Concert Band outdid itself with its splendid renditions. People’s feet were tapping everywhere. Maureen Collins crowned the evening with her powerful rendition of “God Bless America!”

But where was our flag?

The special reading of the Gettysburg Address by Youngstown Mayor John Mc-Nally was just right. A lump in my throat accompanied the reverent and thought- provoking chorus as the whole meadow came alive with our “Pledge of Allegiance.”

But where was our flag?

It was touching to see our men and women of war stand in pride, recognizing their best of America label for American protection in war.

But where was our flag?

How can Americans be jubilant and full of thanks and pride for our America, when its red, white and blue symbol of freedom is missing from local celebrations?

Where was our flag?

Joy Thomas, Canfield

Another Fourth, another nuisance

After another loud and annoying Fourth of July, I wonder if all of the fireworks in the area were really bought in Pennsylvania as the law requires. I don’t think so.

Why do we have a law that is a joke? The fireworks are completely out of hand. There are many commercial types being sold to individuals that shake your house. They should only be used by professional pyrotechnicians.

Monday’s Vindicator had an article of a baby being burnt in Youngstown and a man in California blowing off both hands. It also states that there were eight deaths and more than 11,000 people injured.

Why do we let such a dangerous practice continue?

Stan Rydarowicz, Youngstown

Despite drain on fixed income, 83-year-old supports sales tax

I believe the proposed SALES TAX is necessary, even though I know that should it pass, my Social Security dollars will be stretched to the limit.

I will vote for the Mahoning County sales tax because I feel proud and blessed to have been born and raised in a “stay strong” community where the majority of its people are good, decent, hard working, God loving and wonderful. They also continue to work to keep our community alive in spite of any hardships they are faced with.

I was raised to believe the things we fight for the hardest to achieve are the things that benefit us the most, and determination and perseverance are the glue for success. At the age of 83, I can still remember my mother’s words, “Easy come, easy go, and you have nothing.”

Mary Lou Jurina, Youngstown

Equal protection under the law makes same-sex marriage logical

The headline over the July 7 letter to the editor is, “Homosexual lifestyle defies God, logic and common sense.” So what’s your point?

Should everything that defies logic and common sense be illegal? Do you really want the Bible to be the law of the land? The world’s largest religion is Islam. Should we bow to the majority and enforce Shariah law? Are we to stone adulterers to death? Should eating lobster be illegal? Where in your Bible does it say marriage is one man and one woman?

Same-sex marriage is about equality of opportunity and civil liberty. Thankfully, the Constitution, not the Christian Bible, is the supreme law in America. The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees equal treatment under the law.

Remove every mention of marriage in the law, and there is no argument for same-sex marriage. Repeal all of the advantages granted by government to married couples, and there is no argument for same-sex marriage.

As a child in the 1950s South, I heard all the arguments: It’s not natural, it’s against God’s will, it will destroy the family structure. The issue was interracial marriage that was then illegal in Maryland. Discrimination was wrong then, and it’s wrong now.

Donald Johnson, Hubbard

Cal Thomas gets it all wrong again

As usual, Cal Thomas omits pertinent facts to elicit positive positions for Republican screw-ups. Noticeably absent from his recent diatribe was the fact that the date to pull troops out of Iraq was established by George Dubya — not Obama.

America’s military in Iraq was constrained by Neocons anxious to launch the new technological version of a new weaponry — new soldiers who had absolutely no idea of how to run a war. Much like McNamara did in Vietnam.

But Cal was right on one point. People do grow weary of war especially when they are duped into participation.

John Zordich, Youngstown