Today is Saturday, July 12, the 193rd day of 2014

Today is Saturday, July 12, the 193rd day of 2014. There are 172 days left in the year.


On this date in:

1909: The House of Representatives joins the Senate in passing the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, allowing a federal income tax, and submits it to the states. (It was declared ratified in February 1913.)

1943: World War II tank battle of Prokhorovka between German invaders and Soviets ends with no clear victor.

1957: President Dwight D. Eisenhower is flown by helicopter from the White House to a secret mountaintop location as part of a drill involving a mock nuclear attack on Washington.

1967: Six days of race-related rioting erupt in Newark, N.J.; the violence claimed 26 lives.

1974: President Richard Nixon signs a measure creating the Congressional Budget Office.

1984: Democratic presidential candidate Walter F. Mondale announces his choice of U.S. Rep. Geraldine A. Ferraro of New York to be his running mate; Ferraro is the first woman to run for vice president on a major-party ticket.

2004: President George W. Bush defends the Iraq war during a visit to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, saying the invasion has made America safer.

Wall Street brokerage Morgan Stanley settles a sex discrimination suit brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, agreeing to pay $54 million.


1989: The East, Fosterville and Cornersburg branches of the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County will close in September, the library’s board of trustees decides.

After a one-day fact-finding trip to Canada, state Rep. Robert F. Hagan of Youngstown says he’s convinced he is on the right track with his proposal for a statewide, publicly funded medical insurance system.

Youngstown’s rat-control program, for which $55,000 was allocated, is running a deficit of $57,000 with the Health Department continuing to get 10 to 20 complaints daily.

1974: The Mahoning County Welfare Department will receive an allocation of nearly $1.5 million for the state’s new Employment Opportunities in Social Services program. Ezell Armour, county welfare director, says the department will develop plans to provide paychecks rather than welfare checks to clients.

Members of three United Steelworkers of America locals at Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co.’s Brier Hill Works and the Youngstown Metal Products Co. vote 545 to 451 against a strike at the two plants over local issues.

Two basketball standards at Crandall Park are cut down, causing concern to the Youngstown Park and Recreation Department. The basketball court has been a bone of contention with neighbors complaining about foul language and traffic congestion near the court.

1964: Mahoning County would be entitled to 3.09 percent of the representatives in the Ohio House of Representatives during the decade 1962-1972 based on the 1960 federal census, but under existing law the county has been allocated only 2.17 percent of the representatives.

Four men with a total of 169 years of service retire from the Pennsylvania Railroad. They are Dominic Orlando, H.S. Rupert, V.L. Mathews and J.R. Eshler.

Michael T. Verbick, a Youngstown native, is named manager of data processing for American Motors Corp. of Detroit.

1939: Youngstown’s three largest banks — Dollar Savings & Trust Co., Mahoning National Bank and Union National Bank — are bulging with cash that’s ready to be lent for sound loans at low rates. The banks have total deposits of $49 million, of which $14 million is in cash or balances.

Elmer Erickson, 14, and Bud Steele, 15, travel from Chicago to Youngstown on their bicycles in four days, averaging 110 miles a day. Bud is a former Youngstown boy and they’re resting at the Willis Avenue home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Best, family friends.

A huge meteor flames across the western sky at 8:49 p.m., visible to many people in the Youngstown area. It was seen in Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Michigan and ended its flight somewhere in Canada.

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