You can help with hats for kids and soldiers


On the second floor of the Hubbard Public Library, there is a bust of the distinguished William Shakespeare.

This likeness of the Bard, however, is not as dignified as the countless other paintings, drawings and sculptures of him throughout the world.

A black and white knitted hat, with cow ears and eyes and a pink nose, not only graces his bald head, it swallows it. You actually have to lift up the hat to see that it’s Bill in there.

He does make an OK model for the knitted hats the library is collecting for distribution to city children this October.

But Friday, there were much better models downstairs.

There in the library’s Children’s Room, the babies of Rhythm ‘n’ Rhyme, a preliteracy and motor skills program for children up to 24 months, were upstaging Bill big time.

That was exactly the library’s plan. To find the cutest models it could to promote its need for knitters, or at least people willing to donate yarn to a group of knitters called the Fortnightly Craft Group, which meets twice a month at the library.

That group will knit hats for city kids and for the military.

Read more about the group and how you can be involved in Saturday's Vindicator or on

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