Trumbull commissioners approve more sewer work in Scott Street area of Newton Township

By Ed Runyan


Construction could begin this year to connect 113 customers with sewer lines in the Scott Street area of Newton Township just south of Newton Falls.

The Scott Street project, one of the ones Trumbull County promised the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency it would complete to address environmental concerns posed by failing septic systems, will cost about $6.4 million when it is complete.

The county commissioners approved legislation Wednesday asking for letters of interest from companies able to oversee construction for the second phase of the project, which will cost about $2.35 million and add nearly 3 miles of sewer lines.

About 34 percent of the cost of Phase 2 is coming from Ohio Public Works and Appalachian Regional Commission grants, with the remaining 66 percent to be paid by the affected property owners through front-footage assessments. The Ohio EPA is providing a zero-percent loan for the $1.55 million cost to the property owners.

The Scott Street project was mired in controversy in 2006, when questions were raised about the cost of its engineering.

The project was revised, and the Trumbull County Sanitary Engineer’s office ended up handling the engineering for the project’s second phase in-house, saving the affected property owners about $175,000, said Gary Newbrough, the sanitary engineer’s project-planning director.

The first phase was completed in 2009 on the west side of Canal Street. The phase starting construction this year will be on the east side of Canal Street.

It will include parts of Weiss Street, Spencer Avenue, Herbert Road, Scott Street, Bate Street, Starr Street, Center Street and West River Road as well as all of Brandywine Trail.

The third phase of the Scott Street project south of Phase 2 likely will begin construction sometime next year, Newbrough said. It will cost about the same as Phase 2.

The Scott Street project is one of the biggest so-called “consent-degree” areas that the county and EPA agreed needed sewers, but two other projects now being built are larger — the five-phase Squaw Creek project along state Route 193 in Liberty and Vienna townships, and the Kinsman project. Both are about $10 million.

Projects costing about $3 million each are planned for 2016 and 2017 in the Maplewood area of Hubbard Township near Jacobs Road and the Belmont Park area of Liberty Township.

That will leave two giant projects scheduled for the end of the decade: the $12 million Meadowbrook area of Leavittsburg and $12 million Maplewood Phase 2 along Route 62 southwest of Hubbard.

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