Right to Life of Mahoning County hosts dinner fundraiser



On May 27, Right to Life of Mahoning County hosted a Spring for Life dinner at the Georgetown in an effort to spread its message.

RTL president Sally Perunko said the organization’s message is that ”The most unwanted should be our priority, to assist them.”

The group of 110 enjoyed a dinner of chicane fran ßaise, red potatoes, green beans, salad and cake.

“Many non-profit organizations have an annual appreciation and education dinner,” vice-president Don Priester said. “This is very much like that. Like many other organizations, we try and get together at least once or twice a year. They have a special guest speaker come in and just kind of encourage, motivate and inspire the troops.”

“We saw that we had the funds to do this,” Perunko said. “We’ve been wanting to do a dinner for a while. We had the funds to back it, so we said let’s do a dinner.”

Event organizers said they hoped to raise $2,000 from the dinner.

“They may only give $5 or $10 a month or so, but you get a couple thousand people giving $5 or $10 a month and it does add up,” Priester said.

Speaking at the dinner were Fr. Gregory Maturi of St. Doninic’s Church in Youngstown and Pastor Walter S. Moss of Canton Foursquare Church. Local recording artist Liz Rubino also performed.

Priester said he knows Moss very well and is impressed with his work.

“He was recently featured at the Cleveland ‘Symposium for Life,’ “ Priester said. “I’ve worked with him for several years at various places in the region. He’s very well known. He’s dynamic and incredible and we think he’s going to do an outstanding job.”

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