Page Turners Book Club opens new horizons to members


For people who have a love of reading, a book club may be a good suggestion for them to meet like-minded people and expand their horizons for books that they like to read.

One such book club is the Page Turners Book Club, which meets the third Wednesday of every month at Austintown library. It was started in March 2013.

The group’s attendance fluctuates, with as many as 10 people who attend. The June 18 meeting had seven people.

The Page Turners read any kind of books they want and meet to discuss them with the other members, whether they be fiction or nonfiction.

“Whatever everybody enjoys reading,” said Austintown library supervise Linda Kucalaba, who heads the meetings. “Everybody has a different reading taste. Sometimes they may want to read something real serious, like a non-fiction book, or other times, they may want to sit down and read something light.”

“It’s a love of books and we like talking about books,” Kucalaba said of the club’s purpose. “What everybody does is they bring in the books they’re reading and we go around the table and everybody shares. We have a pencil and paper ready and we get new ideas about rewarding new titles. It gives us a new list of books to read.”

A charter member of the club is Theresa Hill of Austintown. She said she and her friend Louise Ward actually became friends through the club.

“We get to meet other people, other readers,” Hill said. “Louise and I met at the library and then we saw that they were having this. Louise said ‘Why don’t we try this book club?’ We got to choose whether we’re all going to read the same book and discuss it or read whatever we want and discuss that. That’s what we chose.”

Hill said she enjoys reading murder mysteries the most, although she reads a lot of different kinds of books. She said she learned to read at age 4 in 1939 through the Vindicator’s comics section.

“I’ve liked to read ever since,” she said.

Hill said she planned to discuss books by Peter Lovesey and Louise Penny during the June 18 meeting.

Kucalaba said in the past the group has discussed the books “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn and “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt, which won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

“You get a lot of suggestions of good books to read,” Kucalaba said. “As people come, they tell us about the books they’ve read, and if they sound interesting we write the titles. It’s a sharing session of books we like, or we may say we didn’t like this book.”

The next Page Turners Book Club meeting will be July 16 at 6 p.m. at Austintown library.

“We welcome everybody who likes talking about books to come to our book club,” Kucalaba said.

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