Hampton Ridge condos dedicate new flag pole on Flag Day



When Hampton Ridge condos dedicated its new flag pole on June 14, the ceremony served a dual purpose as it was also Flag Day and a chance for the organization to honor area veterans.

Members of the Marine Corp League helped by presenting the America flag and the Marine Corp. flag before hanging the stars and stripes from the pole.

“When I became president about a year ago we had five members on the board where there had only been three and we decided we needed a flag pole,” Hampton Ridge condo association president Karen Wash said. “This community’s been here for 12 years and we said why don’t we have a flag pole. We had a couple fundraisers and we decided to put up a flag pole. We called the Marines, we called Rev. [Bob] Hoover from the Presbyterian church in Poland. We decided to do it up right.”

Wash said the new pole cost $1,000 from start to finish.

One of the Marines who helped with the ceremony was Mike Shepherd. He said his organization does a lot of events such as this.

“The Marine Corp. League is a national organization. We have a very active local chapter,” he said. “We meet every month and we do stuff like this; we do funerals, we do parades. We did the Memorial Day parade in Poland. On [Route] 616 on the shores of Lake Hamilton, we do the memorial service for the kids killed in Beirut back in ’83.”

Wash said the flag pole not only helps with the beautification of Hampton Ridge, it also helps honor veterans.

“I think a flag pole in general honors our veterans,” she said. “It honors and gives respect to the safety that we all live in and the privilege we have to be Americans is because of our veterans. A flag is to me the highest symbol of respect and regard you could give them. Not to mention today is Flag Day.”

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