Supreme Court reins in Obama

Columbus Dispatch: The U.S. Supreme Court last week unanimously reaffirmed the checks and balances at the foundation of American government by ruling that President Barack Obama’s January 2012 recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board were unconstitutional.

The decision upholds an earlier ruling by the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals, which also said Obama overstepped his authority in making the appointments during a time when the Senate, which must be consulted on such appointments, was in session.

The decision in NLRB vs. Noel Canning is significant. It could aid those who have been fighting without much success to rein in Obama’s many power grabs, including unilaterally suspending parts of health-care and immigration laws that he doesn’t like. It also could give fuel to the legal challenge planned by Speaker of the House John Boehner, the Ohio Republican, to Obama’s executive overreach.

In any case, it will be hard even for the president’s defenders to shrug off this resounding rebuke from the entire Supreme Court, including two liberal justices appointed by Obama himself. This was a decision made according to the Constitution and in the best interests of the country.

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