Global economy is choking vitality out of US economy

Global economy is choking vitality out of US economy

I don’t know about the rest of you people, but I’m sick and tired of our “protectionist” government sending all our jobs — especially the important ones for the middle class — and the generic drugs most of us take with no controls to other countries.

We don’t need the global economy. It is just a door opened by our corrupt government and big business to make more money with no concern for the public. We existed without this idea that we need the world to survive. If we need them, why are so many coming here to live? This was the country with the greatest economy in the world until we went global. Does that tell you anything?

Think about it. Made in America is a thing of the past; we once were the greatest economy in the world and no one was even close to us. Now we are our own worst enemy by buying everything we can that is not made here because it’s not made here, so it is cheaper.

Why, because they have taken the high-paying jobs away from us and shipped them to other countries to help us become puppets to the world economy.

Remember this: Great nations fall from within. Just look at history. I will give you one example. Rome once ruled the world, until it fell apart from within. No nation could beat it, so it beat itself. Give us enough time and we will follow suit, and the time is short. But the sad part, there is nothing on the horizon to help because we won’t even help ourselves.

Rea Buttermore, Boardman