Shed no tears for Ohio killer’s ‘ghastly’ 25-minute execution

Shed no tears for Ohio killer’s ‘ghastly’ 25-minute execution

Here we go again: The criminal is the victim.

Dennis McGuire should not have had to suffer for one-half hour before he died; what a shame. Let’s forget about the woman he killed.

Let’s forget about the baby who also died. I wonder how many times she pleaded for him to stop, how many times she begged for her life.

But he didn’t care; he probably thought by killing her, no one would know. He took her life after he had his fun, but he also took the baby’s life.

But just like always, those who never show mercy always ask for it. So they’re upset because it took him 25 minutes to die; well in my opinion it should have taken longer.

The people said it was ghastly. Well, what would they call what he did to the woman and her baby? It’s always the criminal who wants mercy but to hell with the victim.

Now the family is suing the state for cruel and unusual punishment. Again, what did he do to his victim?

Are they going to sue the devil because where McGuire went, he’s going to have a lot of punishment.

If I were a witness to his execution, I would have cheered and clapped my hands at how long it took him to die.

I only wish it had taken longer.

Bruce W. Fanton, Southington