Fitch bowling dominates recent competition

The Austintown Fitch boys and girls bowling teams recently defeated teams from both Boardman and Hubbard.

The Fitch boys claimed victory against Boardman with a score of 2653-2461. Top players for Fitch included Kyle Condrick (205-239-444), Matt Cox (244-191-435), Kyle Sharisky (220-212-432), Zach Barber (170), Dakota Gorgie (158), Adrian Willoughby (152) and Ean Elliott (112). The scores for the Baker Games were 182-200-177-191.

The girls team defeated Boardman with a score of 2453-2172. Top players included Lynnette Seabacher (210-235-445), Katie Viglio (161-224-385), Jessica Halas (166-206-372), Laura Wilson (186-143-329), Sydney Danko (178) and Brittany Veltri (109). Scores for the Baker Games were 183-170-115-167.

In play against Hubbard, the Austintown boys won with a score of 2141-2016. Leading players were Kyle Condrick (172-336), Kyle Sharisky (159-317), Matt Cox (187-308), Dakota Gorgie (156-294), Zach Barber (152) and Adrian Willoughby (128). Scores for the Baker Games were 204-197-205-606.

The Fitch girls saw victory over Hubbard with a score of 2122-1805. Leading the girls team were Lynette Seabacher (209-395), Jessica Halas (186-372), Katie Viglio (155-302), Laura Wilson (146), Sydney Danko (144), Brittany Veltri (123) and Cassidy Lindberg (120).

The scores for the Baker Games were 140-165-115-420.

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