Twitter lights up as President mentions Youngstown

Twitter lights up as President mentions Youngstown

President Barack Obama’s mention of Youngstown’s America Makes advanced manufacturing hub in the State of the Union [SOTU] address attracted a lot of attention on Twitter. Here are some of the tweets mentioning the city:

“2 Youngstown #Ohio shoutouts in the #SOTU? Keep ‘em coming!” — Meredith Tucker, a Democratic communications and new media strategist.

“Did the President just shout of #Youngstown!?! Alright! #OHIOProud #SOTU” — Nina Turner, a state senator from Cleveland and Democratic candidate for Ohio secretary of state.

“For those who are counting, that was @BarackObama’s 2nd shoutout to Youngstown in a #SOTU.” — Seth Bringman, a former Gov. Ted Strickland staffer and communications director for Ready for Hillary PAC.

“Pres Obama announces plans to establish 6 more hubs for manufacturing this year aside from Raleigh NC and Youngstown OH.” — Mark Knoller, CBS News White House correspondent.

“Youngstown isn’t just a great Springsteen song — it’s also an intriguing model for the project Obama just described.” — Jonathan Cohn, writer and blogger at The New Republic.

“Guess Youngstown is getting some love from the #POTUS yeah I’m about that 330 life.” — Eryanne Taft of Bowling Green.

“POTUS loves Youngstown!” — Sharon Bueno of Youngstown.

“Youngstown shout out #SOTU.” — Chris Hanna, University of Pittsburgh doctor of physical therapy student.

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