Marriage licenses

Julius Marquise Williams, 25, of 2910 Oakland Drive, Apt. 3, Youngstown, and Ashley C. Crump, 27, of same.

Jose Antonio Reinaldo Feliciano, 25, of 1395 Dogwood Lane, Youngstown, and Aulishah Stacey Spivey, 24, of 940 Martin Luther King Blvd., Apt. 1804, Youngstown.

Lorenzo E. Pinkard, 46, of 145 Lincoln Park Drive, Youngstown, and Doris E. Ross, 56, of 430A Kendis Circle, Youngstown.

Mark Anthony Mansfield, 30, of 1639 N. Main St., Niles, and Tera Lynn Watters, 24, of 616 Winchester Ave., Youngstown.

Divorces asked

Mark Dimoff, 69 Evans Ave., Austintown, v. Jennifer L. Dimoff, 1744 Laurie Drive, Youngstown.

Stefanie Tumlin, 131591/2 Woodworth Road, New Springfield, v. Lawrence G. Tumlin Jr., 217 5th St., Unit C, Ellwood City, Pa.

Susan Jacob, 136 Ewing Road, Boardman, v. Timothy Jacob, c/o Manchester Bennett Powers and Ullman, 201 E. Commerce St., Youngstown.

Margaret Kennedy, 11 Town Square Blvd., Columbiana, v. Nicholas Kennedy, 1825 Bacon Ave., East Palestine.

Jennifer Lucido, 1839 Bedford Road, Lowellville, v. Frank A. Lucido, same.

Dissolutions asked

Dennis Walton, 1578 Lynn Ave., Poland, and Christie Walton, same.

Valerie F. Monahan, 1661 Brownlee Ave., Youngstown, and Michael M. Monahan, 38 Chestnut St., Struthers.


State v. Anthony Mercado, pleads guilty.

State v. Russell M. Conyer, judgment entered.

State v. Jermaine C. Wilburn, judgment entered.

State v. Roderick Wilson, sentenced to 18 months on counts one and four and one year on count two, served concurrently.

State v. Roderick Wilson II, sentenced to nine months on count one in another case and one year each on counts two to four served concurrently to each other and to another case.

State v. Derrick Duvall, pleads guilty.

State v. Robert L. Martin, sentenced to one year on each count, served consecutively, and to pay restitution.

State v. Lee E. Johnson III, pleads guilty.

State v. Richard Kellner, pleads guilty.

State v. Brandon Bell, pleads guilty.

State v. David Scott, sentenced to three years’ community control through APA and license suspended for two years.

State v. Stan Ciapala, pleads guilty.

State v. James A. Bell Jr., sentenced to five years’ community control through APA.

National Check Bureau Inc. v. Marianne O’Hara, order of magistrate.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Albert D. Roldan, order of magistrate.

Chase Home Finance LLC v. Matthew J. Bezzarro et al, order of distribution.

Schultz Garage Inc. v. Ronald P. Venizia et al, decision of magistrate.

Donald E. Zimmerman et al v. Bocor Holding LLC et al, order of magistrate.

Ohio Dept. of Transportation Director v. Rahmon A. Zuckerman et al, order of magistrate.

David E. Crook v. Stacey Clarett et al, order of magistrate.

American Tax Funding LLC v. William Slaven et al, dismissed.

City of Youngstown v. David Ramirez et al, dismissed.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Douglas M. Hyde et al, foreclosure.

Ohio Dept. of Transportation Director v. H&W Investments Ltd. et al, settled.

CitiMortgage Inc. v. Karen Singleton et al, order of magistrate.

Derek Culver v. Sharp Auto Body, dismissed.

Rocky Mountain Holdings LLC v. Edward Marapese et al, dismissed.

Quentin Jones v. Derrick Tillman et al, dismissed.

American Tax Funding LLC v. Derek M. Kline et al, order of magistrate.

Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of Niles v. Irwin Union Bank and Trust Co. et al, dismissed.

Tiger Land Holdings LLC v. Marian Miller et al, foreclosure.

Stella Argeras v. Whetstone Motors Inc., settled and dismissed.

American Tax Funding LLC v. Paul L. Morales et al, foreclosure.

PHH Mortgage Corp. v. Terry L. Bass et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Anthony T. Venable et al, foreclosure.

CitiMortgage Inc. v. Roldahn J. Parungao et al, dismissed.

PHH Mortgage Corp. v. Scott A. Taylor et al, dismissed.

Wells Fargo Financial Ohio I Inc. v. Anthony N. Kouvaras et al, foreclosure.

Household Realty Corp. v. Albert Torres III et al, foreclosure.

Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc. v. Robert A. Miller Jr., judgment for plaintiff.

American Tax Funding LLC v. Cynthia G. Berardi et al, foreclosure.

First National Bank v. David A. Schertzer et al, judgment for plaintiff.

State Farm Mutual Insurance Co. v. Russell J. Kaye Sr. et al, order of magistrate.

Nancy Clark v. David Kopnitsky, dismissed.

Troy Emmert v. David Kopnitsky, dismissed.

Jennifer Mayes v. Michelle Montaivo, magistrate’s decision adopted.

Real estate

William P. Bowen et al to Erie D. Houck, Bayshore Boulevard, Lake Milton, $300,000.

Sueann Rendano to John N. Mahinis et al, Sugarbush Drive, Canfield, $365,000.

CTW Development Corp. to Cory Kutlick, Springfield Road, Poland, $120,000.

John M. Neal et al to Jade L. Booth et al, East Parkside Drive, Boardman, $143,500.

Barbara A. Rotunno to Amy Loth, West Wood Street, Lowellville, $82,500.

Bruner Land Company Inc. to Timothy D. Markulin, South Newton Falls Road, Milton, $35,000.

Michael S. Bloomberg to Robert J. Calcium Jr., North Cadillac Drive, Boardman, $122,000.

Jennece Wilson et al to James S. Francosky, Silica Road, North Jackson, $160,000.

Nancy M. Herron et al to Bark LLC, McArthur Drive, Boardman, $69,000.

Jean Daliman to Alyscam LLC, Maplewood, Struthers, $17,000.

Valley View Associates to Valley View Estates LLC, Tyrell Avenue, Youngstown, $2,101,811.

Valley View II Associates to Valley View Estates LLC, Tyrell Avenue, Youngstown, $1,004,349.

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