Students learn about, celebrate Spanish holiday

Staff report


Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean celebrate the Epiphany, or what is known as Three Kings’ Day, with traditions that originated with Spanish settlers.

Students in Paulina Montaldo’s Spanish classes at New Castle Christian Academy celebrated Three Kings’ Day after discussing the holiday and watching videos about the traditions.

The Epiphany marks the celebration of the day on which the Magi arrived bearing gifts for baby Jesus.

Kindergarten through third grade enjoyed a “Dora the Explorer, Three Kings’ Celebration” video, while the older students watched a special on the Discovery Channel.

Traditions involve the preparation of Rosca de Reyes, which is a sweet bread to be shared. A small baby Jesus figurine is baked into the bread.

Children write letters to the Three Kings, and they ask Balthazar, Melchior and Gaspar for presents.

Once they finished the letters, students tied their messages to multicolor balloons that were released outside in hopes to reach the sky and be received by the Kings.

Olivia Goodlin, a fifth- grader, baked cupcakes with a hidden baby Jesus for one of the students to find and take home to keep for blessings year around. Mariah Gardner was the lucky one.

Emma Hanaway, a fourth- grader, got to take baby Jesus home, as did third- grader Annalee Gardner.

Nataniel Stuart, Austin King and Christian Golub played the roles of the Three Kings for the older grades, while third-graders Isaiah Daniels, Rocco Litrenta and Joey Albert played the parts for the younger students.

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