Obamacare’s flaw: Young people won’t be buying health insurance

Obamacare’s flaw: Young people won’t be buying health insurance

The cartoon on the edit- orial page of the Jan. 18 edition of The Vindicator is right on about older adults asking the younger generation to buy health insurance so they can get lower premiums.

Young single adults are not going to buy it.

I am speaking as a retired insurance agent. I was one of the highest producing health insurance agents in Northeast Ohio.

In all my 38 years I have had only one single person buy health insurance from me. And that was when I was a part-time agent. Young adults think they aren’t going to need it. All they wanted was car insurance because they were no longer covered under Dad’s policy.

The only young adults that bought health insurance were those who just got married, and all they were interested in was the maternity coverage, which had a nine-month waiting period.

Where President Obama ever got the idea that young adults will pay a fine if they don’t sign up for Obamacare is beyond me.

If I were a young adult I wouldn’t buy it either. What’s next? Have to buy a green car to promote going green or how about pink work clothes for cancer awareness? Then get fined because I bought a blue car or wore black pants to work? How many times do I get fined before I get jail time?

John Grantonic, Poland