It’s time to limit number of dog-breeding licenses

It’s time to limit number of dog-breeding licenses

Once again someone with too many dogs has made the news. This time her name is Terri Wylie and she was a breeder. The last time this type of tragedy struck our area the name was Kathy Witzman and the responsible party was considered a hoarder. Both cases were well known about prior to the actions taken by law enforcement. Current laws and regulations, as well the enforcement of them are not protecting these animals as they should be.

Both of these women can be accused of wrongdoing. But the source of the problem does not lie at their feet. We cannot allow the breeding of dogs to continue as it does today. If there is not already, there must be a limit to the number of breeding licenses issued in each area of the state, much like the limit on liquor licenses in a given area. Not only does it encourage the type of breeders you witness in the likes of Terri Wylie, it is completely unnecessary when there are thousands of dogs needing adoption from rescues and shelters all across the state and the country.

We must change the culture of our thinking regarding dogs of purebred lineage. It is OK to want a certain type of dog. Some people might prefer a small dog, some might prefer a larger dog to accompany them on long walks. Some dogs will be better with children, some prefer a more mature owner. But just because a dog has parents of the same ancestry does not make it a better pet to own. It is not OK to demand a purebred at the expense of another dog’s life. We cannot continue to breed unchecked while perfectly good dogs are put to rest because they did not look exactly as we would have liked.

Unfortunately for those that enjoy them, dog shows only encourage this type of attitude. Dogs are man’s best friend; they do not need to be paraded in front of our peers to display how well we have trained them to jump through hoops. It is time we treated our four-legged friends with the respect they deserve. If you have ever had a dog, you know how much that dog truly loved you. Let’s pay them back. Don’t buy from breeders, unless you have visited all your local shelters first.

Thomas M. Smith, Girard