Don’t be so critical of YSU football coach

Don’t be so critical of YSU football coach


It seems to me that the same point expressed by Joe Scalzo can be expressed with a kinder/gentler use of the English language than that expressed by Mr. Scalzo — “Demand for Eric Wolford’s Head.” He gives little thought to the painful toll that the use of such language has on the family, which in my opinion is the hardest part of a coach’s job even harder than dealing with heart attacks or high blood pressure, sleepless nights, and feelings of inadequacy.

A coach’s life is open for public inspection, allowing for family members to endure tremendous hardships when members of the public attack because of their own personal vendettas. I realize that a coach might get paid big bucks to take the abuses of the job, but the wife and children don’t get a penny for the abuse they endure; they are deserving of some consideration.

A second point that I would like to make has to do with Mr. Scalzo’s remark concerning an older fan base and a longing for a return to the Tressel years. I believe that no matter what — even the return of a brilliant Coach Jim Tressel — will YSU ever experience the Coach Tressel years as such again. It is not fair to Coach Tressel and/or other coaches that have and will follow to expect that all that contributed to the Coach Tressel years would be available to allow for a repeat.

We should continue to celebrate the genius of Coach Tressel and his continued support of YSU’s effort to provide the best sports program, as he has these past years. We should also demand that we are provided with champion-caliber football — keeping in mind that the past is not necessarily the future. Today isn’t like yesterday was and you can bet that tomorrow won’t be like today.

Finally, Mr. Scalzo’s comment, “His program’s improvements couldn’t keep up with his mouth.” Give credit where credit is due: he did shake things up; he did upgrade talent, he did hold players accountable.

He has not — as of yet — gotten back to winning championships. I think that Coach Wolford has what it takes — I think that a championship is in the making in the near future. In the meantime, we are entitled, and it is good for the program, to express our opinion concerning the current program status. In doing so, let’s not forget that to terminate one’s contract, for example, means the same and is a better way to express the same opinion as it is to say, “let’s have his head!”

I guess the question in this regard is who is accountable for “walking the organizational talk?” I think that everyone is! No one can be excused, not even Mr. Scalzo. We ask our student-athletes to practice good sportsmanship — we should be expected to do no less.


New Castle, Pa.

Current YSU coach same as the last one


Jon Heacock, Eric Wolford. Same difference, same results. They both make the same HUGE mistakes. Number one, you must be able to recruit the local talent, which is abundant. Last year, two locals. The year before, one. That’s unacceptable. Number two, you cannot have a transfer team. Change the “Y” logo to a player carrying suitcases. A lot of them are not that good with only two years of eligibility. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Wolford bring in a transfer quarterback like Heacock did. Number three, the best players don’t always play multiple situations. Number four, you need a big running back and a small running back, not small and smaller. Last year a running back said he wanted less carries. You never hear that. Bad coaching. That’s not even mentioning the poor defense and special teams. I’d like to see a change in coaching. The winning tradition is gone. I’m surprised they won eight this year. Also stop scheduling cream-puff games where fans leave at halftime. Try having a giveaway of a little helmet or pennant instead of plastic cups. Like the Browns, wait ’til next year.



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