Name: Jaclynn Lendi and Jordan Burns

Instrument: Clarinet; Tuba

Q. When did you start playing your instrument?

A. Lendi and Burns both began playing their instruments when they joined the band in the fifth grade.

Q. Best memory of being in band/marching band?

A. Lendi: Every one of our performances has been a great memory, along with the great feeling of accomplishment after each performance. I have also enjoyed taking a lot of band trips, but my most memorable are probably the Massillon Band Nights. The amount of people who attend this event is just incredible.

Burns: My best memory of being in the band was the honor to be elected the president of the band. I also enjoyed the huge rush of excitement after performing at the band nights and football games. I have attended the Cedar Point trip every year and they have been so much fun.

Q. Why is music important to you?

A. Lendi: Music is important to me because it is something that anyone in the world can relate to. You can truly express yourself through music. Life without music would be boring. One of my favorite numbers that the band has performed was “Riverdance” because a lot of memories were created as that song was being played. “Riverdance” was our opener my freshman year, so that son was the very first thing I have ever played on a football field.

Burns: Music is very important to me because it is a universal language anyone can relate to. One of my favorite musical numbers was called “Sing, Sing, Sing,” which we played in my freshman year. I enjoyed it because of its loud brassy style.

Q. What college do you hope to attend/intended major?

A. Lendi: I hope to attend either Walsh University or the University of Cincinnatti. My intended major right now is Advanced Imaging Technology.

Burns: I hope to attend Bowling Green State University and I intend to major in Mechanical Engineering.

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