SHERIFF’S revenue enhancements

SHERIFF’S revenue enhancements

Charging financial institutions $175 per foreclosure for an estimated total of $250,000 annually.

Returning federal prisoners to the county jail for an estimated total of $350,000 annually based on housing a sustained year-round average of 12 federal inmates at $80 per inmate per day.

Charging sentenced inmates a $40 jail reception fee for a total of $27,500 annually, and $5 and $10 per consultation with a jail nurse or physician, respectively, for an unknown amount of new revenue.

Reinstating notifications to the Social Security Administration to cut off benefits to convicted inmates jailed for more than 30 days to generate a $400 per inmate bonus, which is expected to produce $17,000 in annual revenue.

Charging $25 registration fees to arsonists and sex offenders for an estimated total of $15,000 annually.

Extending concealed-gun-carrying permit application hours from 11 to 40 hours a week to generate an additional $60,000 a year and reduce permit waiting times from 45 to 60 days to 24 hours.

additional accomplishments

Establishing a satellite office for the senior services program at the Austintown Senior Center.

Creating a HOMESAFE program, under which children with special needs and elderly people with dementia are entered into a law enforcement database.

Restoring to full operation the reserve deputy program, under which more than 6,000 hours of law enforcement time was donated in 2013.

Shredding 46,517 pounds of outdated paper records to eliminate clutter and improve fire safety.

Convicting James Ferrara of the 1974 slayings of three members of the Marsh family in Canfield.


Managing $5.8 million in construction projects in 2013 and obtaining $3,314,000 in grants for current and future projects.

Making a $1.1 million safety upgrade to Crum Road in Austintown to accommodate expanding businesses.

Performing a $503,000 upgrade of the bridge that carries Lowellville Road over Yellow Creek in Struthers.

Removing excess asphalt to reduce deck weight and waterproofing the deck of the deteriorating Walker Mill Road Bridge over Yellow Creek in Boardman and upgrading its approach guardrail for $32,000.

Replacing a small bridge on Blosser Road in Beaver Township with a concrete box culvert for $38,700.

Rehabilitating a culvert along Pebble Beach Drive in Canfield for $41,500 and replacing culverts along six other roads.

Removing a Meridian Road railroad crossing.

Source: Sheriff’s and engineer’s offices

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