Congressmen can celebrate while 1.3M jobless must suffer

Congressmen can celebrate while 1.3M jobless must suffer

Let’s hope our congressmen and women had a great Christmas holiday. I am sure they were able to give lavish gifts to their spouses and children. I am also quite certain that Santa Claus was very generous to their children and grandchildren.

Let’s hope these public servants were able to suppress any guilt feelings just because 1.3 million Americans would be losing their unemployment benefits. Their children and grandchildren couldn’t possibly be as important as those of our well-heeled public servants.

The Ohioans in Speaker John Boehner’s district near Dayton, Ohio, must be awful proud of both the speaker and the Republican Party. If Santa Claus and his reindeer had to skip thousands of houses, so what? They should think of the monies saved in the federal budget. Everyone has to remember our “public servants” will not have to make sacrifices by having their pay and benefits slashed.

We are so “lucky” to have such great “public servants.” Gee, I wonder why about 90 percent of the American people disapprove of the job our Congress is doing.

Robert E. Casey, Boardman