Austintown students jump rope for heart


Neighbors | Submitted.During the month of February, students at Austintown Elementary and Intermediate schools participated in the 20th Jump Rope and Shoot Hoops for Heart program.

During the month of February, Austintown Elementary and Intermediate School students are took part in the 20th annual Jump Rope and Shoot Hoops for Hearts to raise money for the American Heart Association.

This program is taught during the students’ physical education classes and teaches students how physical fitness benefits the heart and how fun it can be to help others and be heart healthy.

“By including physical activity into their daily routines, kids can significantly reduce the onset and burden of heart disease,” says Shelley Webber of the American Heart Association. “By raising money through Jump Rope for Heart, we are preventing heart disease and obesity for the next generation of Americans. Kids are literally jumping into a heart healthier life while becoming passionate about raising money for other kids with sick hearts.”

The students and their physical education teachers accept any donations for this activity, cash or checks. Make all checks out to the American Heart Association.

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