Columnist unfairly tarnishes supporters of creationism theory

Columnist unfairly tarnishes supporters of creationism theory

Ann McFeatters’ column on the “Evolution of Human Life” from the Feb. 14 Vindicator presented a milieu of unrelated issues that served more to advance her political opinions than academic discipline.

It appears her chief aim was to exalt President Barack Obama as a “man of science” in sharp contrast to his “Flat-Earth-Society” Republican rivals.

Her implications that people of faith who believe in a theistic “creation” or parents who superintend “what truths their children are taught” are to be held in derision were irresponsible at best.

Just as “creationism” may be overtly “religion-based,” evolution is clearly “philosophy-based.” Neither is hard science.

Both, however, present ideas whereby scientific endeavors may advance.

For example, “modern” bio-engineers — by engaging in experimentation with genetically modified organisms — demonstrate their “faith” in the proposition that an imposition of an “intelligent design” on nature is necessary.

On the other hand, the most conservative of “creationists” may find it interesting to discover that the “Six Days of Creation” outlined in the Book of Genesis tend to follow the same stages of development outlined by evolutionists.

All in all, it is important that scientific forums allow a free-flow of ideas, theories and testable propositions.

Truly, a “debate” is not the proper forum for such discussions; nor an editorial where from Ann McFeatters may launch calumnies against the president’s political foes, the “faith community,” private educational institutions and homeschooling parents — all, in the name of “science.”

Joseph E. Donnelly, Berlin Center