Fraudulent disability payments taking heavy toll on our nation

Fraudulent disability payments taking heavy toll on our nation

Tell me it ain’t so — that there are people on disability who truly are not disabled, as in the case of some firemen and policemen who were on the 9/11 scene. That kind of deception truly is disgraceful. The word “thieves” would be a better description. Sadly, I think it is a widespread situation.

I imagine a large percentage of us know one, maybe a dozen or more people on the disability payroll. We would agree that some truly deserve to be on disability, but we absolutely know others who should not be on the taxpayers’ payroll. But here comes the attorneys and sometimes doctors who can mentor and help these people get disability, telling them how to fill out forms, how to act physically and/or emotionally disabled. They become part of the scam.

Many ‘‘experts’’ say our Social Security problem is due to people living longer and therefore, more monies are paid out. This is true, but it isn’t the whole reason. Let’s consider someone on disability at the age of 40 and they draw it for at least 22 years before they are even eligible for the normal early retirement income. They are taking out, reducing the fund by thousands of dollars each year. It isn’t just the monies sent out each month to individuals; it is monies spent on their Medicare and/or their Medicaid during those 22 years. How many taxpayers does it take to support one person on disability?

This puts our children and the next generations in jeopardy of not having any return on even their current investment in the Social Security fund. Fraud in this program, as well as in other so-called entitlement programs, probably has been going on since their implementation; however, it is becoming a worse dilemma, affecting current and future taxpayers.

Sadly, this is only part of Social Security fraud. Add to this the amount some doctors and hospitals fraudulently charge, Social Security checks sent to deceased people and cashed by others, etc. The resulting figure is astronomical.

Most of us would like to see this situation fixed. I am not sure how it can be accomplished other than reporting fraudulent actions, having pictures that definitely would show and prove the physical capabilities to work. These people should be reported and prosecuted, having to work (that dirty four-letter word) and repay what they stole.

Another solution, one that is necessary, is jobs. This country has lost a lot of jobs over far too many years. There are people who can no longer work their current job due to an acquired physical problem. However, being unable to do one particular job does not constitute disabled. Most likely, a large number of those drawing disability income could be trained to do some other job within their physical limitations. Jobs equal tax monies which equal a healthier economy from every aspect.

Gail Taylor, New Springfield