East Side deserves equal services

East Side deserves equal services

I am writing regarding Mayor John McNally’s and Councilman Paul Drennen’s comments on the redistricting proposal for Youngstown’s wards.

Mr. Drennen stated lower populated areas (pertaining specifically to the East Side) did not need road repairs as much as more populated areas.

This was an insult to me because I live on the East Side, pay taxes the same as more populated areas; therefore I should be granted the same privileges whether there is one or 100 populated streets.

I feel that the redistricting process (whether necessary or not) will cause the city to be more polarized than it is.

I also applaud Councilwoman Annie Gillam for her opposition to redistricting plans for the 1st and 2nd wards. She doesn’t mind standing alone for what she feels is right. I say more power to her.

Olla L. Tate, Youngstown

Honesty in downtown Youngstown

Once again my faith is re- stored to believe there are still good and honest people in today’s world.

On Jan. 23, my granddaughter and I had to go to downtown Youngstown to make a report; while there she left her wallet lying on a chair in the sitting area.

We were halfway home when she realized she left it there. She picked up her cell phone, calling back to ask if it had been found. Yes. Some honest person turned it in at desk. Everything was still in it. Many thanks for your honesty, and may you be richly blessed.

Gertrude & Amanda Starling, Farmdale

Debunking marijuana myths and belief cigarettes are safer

Maybe the Christian who claims not to judge should expand his library. Saying that marijuana was banned due to its devastating effects is simply not true. For the real facts about marijuana, I would encourage anyone to read “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer.

To say it leads to harder drugs is insulting and ignorant. People with addictive personalities would become addicts even if marijuana never existed.

There are marijuana users in every profession. It is offensive to categorize them as slackers that cannot hold jobs. Maybe some people lack self-control, but that doesn’t mean all pot users lack the ability to lead productive, successful lives. It is hard to believe anyone could be so gullible as to believe cigarettes are safer.

Debra Isabella, Struthers