UAW Lordstown workers to receive up to $7,500 in profit sharing

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By Tom McParland


United Auto Workers employees at General Motors plants will receive up to $7,500 in profit- sharing payouts later this month, according to GM and UAW representatives.

Regular full-time employees who worked 1,850 compensated hours last year will receive the maximum amount, while workers who logged less than 1,850 hours will receive a prorated sum.

GM has had forms of profit sharing in place since the 1980s, said Bill Grotz, GM manager of manufacturing and labor communications.

But in recent years, the payout has been determined by a formula that was first negotiated between GM and the UAW in 2009 as a part of GM’s restructuring agreement. It was renewed in UAW’s most- recent contract, negotiated with GM in 2011.

Temporary workers — those brought in for short-term projects such as new product launches and production surges — are not eligible for the bonus, Grotz said.

UAW Local 1112 President Glenn Johnson, who represents workers at the Lordstown assembly plant, said the payout reflects a strong year of production and sales for GM.

“The company had a great year,” he said. “We’re happy that we work for them, and we’re putting out some great products.”

The payout ebbs and flows, but profit-sharing bonuses generally have been lower in the past, Johnson said.

Earlier this month, GM reported $3.8 billion in net income for 2013, down from $4.9 billion the previous year. Meanwhile, the Lordstown-built Chevrolet Cruze surged last year, with sales up 4.4 percent from 2012.

Johnson said employees will receive their profit-sharing payout with their last paychecks in February.

GM may be looking to increase production at Lordstown next month.

Johnson said management tentatively has scheduled three Saturdays of production for all three shifts, but the dates are “always subject to change, based on the needs of the company.”

Union and plant officials also confirmed Thursday that the weeks of June 30 and July 7 have been designated as the annual vacation shutdown weeks at the Lordstown facility.

Workers are required to use 72 hours of their vacation during those two weeks, but they may still use vacation time outside of that window.

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