Early childhood educators should concentrate on inclusive education

Early childhood educators should concentrate on inclusive education

Today, more children than ever are being put into day care facilities as infants and toddlers, which makes the need for inclusive education more important. Inclusive education is where a facility encompasses all children and families, regardless of any kind of disability, provides them with support and makes them feel as if they belong. Also, inclusive education is educating all children together.

I am an aspiring teacher. I am currently attending college to receive a double major in early childhood education and special education. This topic is very important to me because studies show that when parents are involved in the education of their children, the children tend to do better than if their parents are not involved.

I think it is important that day care facilities start to include family members in education, because the children will start to take more interest in school knowing their families take interest in their school. Also, all children should be educated together, regardless of disabilities. It is not right to have a child with a disability taken out of a general education classroom if that is the environment where he or she will flourish.

Inclusive education will yield very good results for all children and their family members. According to “Kids Together,” typically developing students will learn respect, diversity, acceptance and appreciation for every person. Also, students with disabilities will create friendships, develop peer role models and will be given higher expectations.

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, when family members participate in the classroom, school readiness in preschoolers and later academic success increases.

More daycare and preschool facilities need to incorporate inclusive education. The government annually collects information about how many children are receiving an inclusive education so this should encourage facilities to want to create a high quality inclusive education program. Only positives can come from a facility that has a high-quality inclusive education program.

Stephanie Davis, Poland