Two accused of contraband smuggling at Campbell Police Department



Police Chief Drew Rauzan called an incident in which two men in police custody were caught on camera Tuesday afternoon smuggling a suspected marijuana cigarette into the department completely unacceptable.

Not only is Samuel A. Buxton, 22, of Monroe Street, Campbell, at fault for bringing narcotics into the department’s booking room, but so might be the officer or officers who allowed Buxton to enter the room with the contraband, Rauzan said.

Buxton, who was being booked by police for a probation violation, has been charged with illegal conveyance of drugs into a detention facility — a third-degree felony.

For accepting the marijuana cigarette, and for trying to conceal it in his pants, Eddie Pierce III, 22, of Kirk Road, Austintown, has been charged with possession of drugs — a first-degree misdemeanor.

Sgt. John Rusnak was watching the screen monitor of the police department’s booking room when the incident occurred.

Rauzan said he plans to conduct an investigation within the department to determine whether Buxton was properly searched by an officer or officers beforehand, then mete out the appropriate discipline. The incident is on video.

“No one’s infallible, and we all make mistakes,” Rauzan said. “If [Buxton] was searched to the best of our abilities, the discipline will be light. But if it was done haphazardly, just to cut a corner, the discipline will be severe.”

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