Poland class of 1964 celebrates 50th anniversary

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SPECIAL TO THE VINDICATOR: Poland Seminary High School Class of 1964 met recently for its 50-year reunion. Those attending follow: Above, in the bottom row, from left to right, are John Rowbotham, Kathy (Mitchell) Miller, Diane (Violante) Replogle, Jim Turnbull, Margaret (Williams) Skripac and Sue (Shima) Stroh. In the second row are Bruce Matasick, Don Smith, Carol (Yargo) Catauro, Chris (Cann) Klase, Bonnie (Babik) Morgan, Gert (Gbur) Vinkler, Faith (Dunmore) McElroy, Dora Bailey and Tim Walton. In the third row are Curt Loveland, John Johnson, Jim Larson, Laurraine Landolt, Dick Bennett, David Coffee, Larry Alquist, David Alquist, Linda (Pipoly) Book and Phil Resch. In the fourth row are Jim Allen, Bob Baird, Doug Chisholm, Gerry Guttridge, Barry Jones, Sandy Gunn, Jeanette Holly, Joel Keltz and Steve Bennett. Below, from left to right, bottom row, are Karen (Rohrbaugh) Buckener, Gwen (Wegele) Shipsky, Sue (Swan) Northall, Donna (Shepas) Baldwin, Margaret (Siegle) Brennerman, Joan (Scali) Higgins and Candy (Roberts) Dunning. In the second row are Pat (Talbot) Wamsley, Jean (DeLuca) Girolami, Bill Roble, Bob Shafer, Bonnie (Yacovone) Watts, Bob Swanson, Ann Marston and Marguerite (Marsden) Stenglein. In the third row are Ron Robosky, Dave Yerian, Bill MacIntosh, Chuck Replogle, Joe Stanislaw, Dick May, Ken Raupple, David “Dusty” Zedaker and Rich Penman.


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