Struthers mayor fires detective

Staff report


Mayor Terry Stocker on Thursday fired a city police detective accused of misconduct.

Ray Greenwood, who has been on the force in several capacities since he began as a reserve officer in 1996, was fired because of an incident of restraining a woman running toward a fire May 26.

The woman claimed that Greenwood assaulted her.

In his termination letter, Stocker wrote that Greenwood is held to a higher standard because he is a police officer. The mayor also wrote that because of “the gravity surrounding untruthfulness in a police officer and the act of insubordination, as well as the multiple instances of behavior unbecoming a city police officer and the impact those behaviors have on your ability to effectively function as a police officer, there is no alternative” than termination.

Greenwood, who has been on leave since the incident, has denied any wrongdoing. He does have the right to appeal.

Greenwood could not be reached to comment.

The woman said she was running toward the fire to see if her husband was OK, but Greenwood told her she could not get closer, then dragged her back to her car with help.

The person who helped was an off-duty Mahoning County deputy sheriff who told investigators Greenwood told the woman three times she could not get closer, then he placed his hands on her arms and pushed her back to her car.

The deputy said the woman was resisting and thrashing as Greenwood tried to get her back into her car.

Stocker said he did not want to comment further than the letter, because of the possibility of Greenwood appealing his firing.

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