Marriage licenses

Ryan K. Bright, 29, of 3460 Lenox Ave., Youngstown, and Amanda M. Macovitz, 24, of same.

John P. Millerleile Jr., 34, of 8440 Hilltop Drive, Poland, and Jennifer L. Moritz, 33, of same.

Robert E. Williams, 65, of 118 Silliman St., Youngstown, and Vickie L. Williams, 61, of same.

Anthony Paris, 47 of 1150 Suzylinn Ave., Youngstown, and Lynette M. Swader, 40 of same.

Daniel C. Spencer, 37 of 5020 Middletown Road E., New Middletown, and Sarah A. Miller, 34 of same.

Divorces asked

Karen D. Green, 516 Griffith St., Unit 1101, Youngstown, v. Dennis D. Green Jr., 641 W. Delason Ave., Youngstown.

Jolene L. Perfette-Robison, 1600 N. Salem-Warren Road, North Jackson, v. Josh J. Robison, 17617 Lundy Lane, Lake Milton.

Debra Valley Leonard, 60 Red Grouse Court, Boardman, v. William J. Leonard, 400 Elruth Court, Girard.

Joseph Underwood, Grafenwoehr, Germany, v. Ciera Hayes-Underwood, 2546 Windsor Ave., Youngstown.

Jonathan Regis Bord, 1521 Third St., Youngstown, v. Colleen Fern Costa, Tacoma, Wash.

Julie A. Nochta, 6725 Meander Run, Youngstown, v. Joseph R. Nochta, same.

Carmen Y. Gabriel, 1915 Bryn Mawr St., Youngstown, v. Glen A. Gabriel, 1417 Clay St., Youngstown.

William R. Shade, 1504 Bancroft Ave., Youngstown, v. Melissa A. Shade, Evansville, Ind.

Geri Such, 519 Blossom Ave., Campbell, v. Mark Such, 208 Bright Ave., Campbell.

Dissolutions asked

Casey L. McBride, 2781 Highland Ave., Poland, and Randy A. McBride, 8460 Chesterton, Poland.

Angela D. Heck, 480 S. Raccoon Road, Unit E4, Youngstown, and Kenneth R. Heck, 3621 Valerie Drive, Youngstown.

Colleen A. Rager, 92 Evans Ave., Youngstown, and Walter P. Rager, 1851 S. Turner Road, Youngstown.


State v. Ralph W. Sayer, sentenced to six months in prison.

State v. Jordan Kennedy, pleads guilty.

State v. Kenneth T. Banks, pleads guilty.

State v. Anthony Ditommaso, sentenced to one year’s rehabilitation through CCA.

State v. Bert E. Pritchard, pleads guilty.

State v. Robert R. Youngblood II, pleads guilty.

Ford Motor Credit Co. v. Linda Snyder et al, order of payment.

First National Bank of Omaha v. Jim Cirjak, order of distribution.

Bank of New York Trust Co. v. Brian Ruckdeschel et al, foreclosure.

Bank of America v. Altamese Fleming et al, order of sale withdrawn.

FIA Card Services NA v. Karen S. Butler, judgment entered.

CitiBank NA v. Clarence L. Pontius et al, order of distribution.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Jeffrey Bowen et al, order of sale withdrawn.

GMAC Mortgage LLC v. John W. Host et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.

Self Help Ventures Fund et al v. Angel L. McQueen et al, sheriff’s sale withdrawn.

Tracy Ellis et al v. Sheetz Inc. et al, settled.

Kathy Paden v. Brenda F. Connelly et al, order of magistrate.

Capital One NA v. Michael J. Mousie, order of magistrate.

John P. Carson Jr. v. Paula P. Cavoulas et al, order of magistrate.

Ella M. Warren et al v. LTV Steel Co. Inc. et al, judgment entered.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Pamela M. Rider et al, dismissed.

Lyden Oil Co. v. B&R Maintenance and Control Solutions, judgment for plaintiff.

SKW Prep LLC v. Margaret R. Drennen et al, foreclosure.

Farmers National Bank of Canfield v. Tamra L. DiAntonio et al, foreclosure.

Adriana L. Tuel v. Brad L. Ferguson, order of magistrate.

Angela Ramsey v. Rebecca Pelliccioni, order of magistrate.

Angela Ramsey v. Gary Pelliccioni, order of magistrate.

Amy Taylor v. Sandi Pallo, decision of magistrate.

Amy Taylor v. Bobbo Pallo, decision of magistrate.

Victoria Brown v. Qualyn Hurst, order of magistrate.

Victoria Brown v. Sephanie Parker, order of magistrate.

Miesha Clay v. Florence Evans, order of magistrate.

Real estate

Patricia E. Gallo-Pantalone et al to Jason L. Liggett et al, Cranberry Run Drive, Boardman, $128,900.

Usha Sethi to JEM Farms LLC, Youngstown-Salem Road, Canfield, $645,212.

Lena N. Hunter to On the River Enterprises LLC, Stanton Street, Youngstown, $31,000.

Wayne A. Baird et al to Rodney A. Bacon et al, Woodworth Road, New Springfield, $165,000.

Elaine M. Krivonak to Stephanie Verdream, Wilcox Road, Austintown, $116,000.

George E. Anderson et al to Jose A. Lepe et al, East Shawnee Trail, Youngstown, $102,000.

Shawn M. Malonky et al to David A. Jorge Jr. et al, Claridge Drive, Austintown, $131,000.

Grace E. Ward, deceased, to Tamara J. Wardle, Meander Reserve Circle, Canfield, $143,000.

Anastasia Senczysza to William E. Jupp et al, Old Furnace Road, Youngstown, $84,000.

Donald E. Cornwell Jr. to Kristen M. Moff, East Garfield Road, Petersburg, $52,500.

Lex R. Prindle Jr. et al to David Erickson, New Buffalo Road, Canfield, $200,000.

Kathleen A. Brown to Justin M. Womer et al, North Cadillac Drive, Boardman, $85,000.

Armeck LLC to David M. Cox et al, North Hubbard Road, Lowellville, $100,000.

Armeck LLC to David M. Cox et al, North Hubbard Road, Lowellville, $12,500.

Carol J. Barth et al to Darnell L. Soli et al, West Calla Road, Salem, $116,000.

Michael P. Amato et al to James R. Armstrong et al, Lake Wobegon Drive, Canfield, $288,000.

Michael B. Phillips et al to Allison A. Freeman, Ruby Courts, Austintown, $285,000.

Robert W. Owrey to David Brewer, Hazelwood Avenue, Youngstown, $55,000.

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