Are Boardmanites living north of Shields second-class citizens?

Are Boardmanites living north of Shields second-class citizens?

For the past five years, we have lived on Devonshire Drive in Boardman, and we have paid our taxes on time and in full. We have noticed the attention to the street maintenance decline annually while the tax rate continues to rise.

We are not against paying for the services we receive, but when those services aren’t provided and we witness a steady decline in service, then we have grave concerns. Would a private contractor be more responsive?

Approximately two years ago, our street was re-asphalted. It can’t be considered repaved as the cracks and blemishes covered are still present. This situation will be allowed to continue as the street and curbs are full of weeds, tree branches and gravel, causing water, when it rains to run down the middle of the street instead of the curb.

Since moving to Boardman, I have heard the tongue-in-cheek expression “You live north of Shields Road; that hurts your property value.” I think the township Street Department is doing its part to fulfill that prophecy.

I can hear the excuses now, such as, people on vacation, people sick, etc. We pay for service; we deserve service. If it can’t be delivered, then who is accountable? Will questions be asked? Will effort be made to correct this? The last time I talked to Trustee Tom Costello, he understood the situation, but should be have to be the person to fix this? If so, why do we need a street superintendent?

Our street gets only local traffic, and we are not highly visible to the high rate of traffic that most streets in Boardman receive.

This means if we are out of sight, we are out of mind.

Richard (Dick) Moore, Boardman