These three policy issues deserve attention and action by US Senate

These three policy issues deserve attention and action by US Senate

Time to wake up America. We have a government out of control.

1. The Internal Revenue Service cannot be allowed to enforce the Obamacare Individual Mandate. This was the same IRS that was caught red-handed targeting conservative groups. Why in God’s name should they be allowed to enforce my health-care decisions?

2. Under the Fourth Amendment, the government must obtain a search warrant to search Americans. The NSA is not above the law. Please support Freedom Act (Senate Bill 2685).

3. The Ex-Im Bank is up for reauthorization in September. This cannot happen.This bank gives taxpayer-backed loans to some of the most profitable corporations in the world. It’s not the job of the government to pick winners and losers. This bank needs to be shut down.

Americans all across this great country share my views on these important matters. The Senate needs to take action on these three major issues as soon as possible.

Steven Jay, Boardman

It’s time for all Americans to stand up for our president

A few days ago, I read a letter to the editor regarding President Obama. The writer defended the president for his policies, and I personally applaud him. Most of Obama’s political opponents have been critical of his handling of these policies.

Only a few say anything positive about his accomplishments. Some may say I’m playing the race card. They can call it what they choose, but he is trying to help all people regardless of race. He is trying to give the poor the same opportunities as others who are more fortunate.

All the House Republicans are doing is fighting him on every issue unless it is something that benefits the rich and famous. The polls state that the president’s approval is very low. How many citizens have they polled — probably all rich Republicans?

I am equally disturbed about the recent column by Thomas Sowell about the president changing laws without the Congress’ approval. If members of Congress would work with him, he would not have to take such action. It appears that when Sowell writes about the president or blacks in general, it’s always negative. I cannot believe he is African-American.

I do hope more people will stand up for the president in these most critical times. He has two strikes against him because he’s black and because most Republicans hate him, especially House Speaker John Boehner.

Olla L. Tate, Youngstown