Karzmer: So many topics, so few columns

After last week’s very detailed three-step plan to grow the game of golf locally, I figured this week needed to be a more lighthearted piece. And while I can’t believe this season went as quickly as it did, we’re actually down to our final couple of columns.

So, for 2014’s penultimate column, I wanted to take a few moments to touch on some of the “topic suggestions” I’ve heard throughout the year.

To start — and I’ll apologize for only mentioning them and not getting in the full-length columns they deserve — I need to point out three local legends: George Bellino, Harry Toscano and the recently deceased Bill Santor. I’ve been lucky enough to get to know all threeand can honestly say I’d be honored to write about these fine golfers, and more importantly people, in the future.

Here are some other topics people thought might make for an interesting read:

What’s in a course record … Handicaps, handicaps, handicaps … the PGA Tour and its policies on drug testing and releasing suspensions and fines to the public (or lack thereof)… junior golf tournament across Northeast Ohio … high school golf … more on the Youngstown State men’s and women’s programs … mandicaps, handicaps, handicaps … “new” vs. “old” business models of owning and running a country club … cigars and drinks after a round? … golf course design … golf training aids … what it’s like to run a family-owned course … more betting talk … Ryder Cup pieces … more historical pieces …more local course highlights … handicaps, handicaps, handicaps … and

I’m sure many others that I can’t pull from my brain at the moment.

I think they’re all pretty good for future use. Unfortunately, golf isn’t exactly a 12-month sport here in Northeast Ohio. So as we shift our focus from the links to Johnny Football, LeBron’s return, and THE Ohio State Buckeyes, we’ll have to save above for 2015.

For me personally, I want to say once again what an honor it is for me to write about the sport I love each week. I can’t tell you enough how much I truly appreciate all the feedback I get throughout the year. Whether it’s an email, a text, a call, or simply a shouted “Are you crazy?” when I see someone in person, just knowing people take the time to read my opinions on this great game means a lot to me.

I also feel I need to at least bring up the fact that this week is The Greatest 5.0! As someone who was involved with the original Greatest idea 5-plus years ago, it’s such an amazing thing to see how much the concept has grown over a short amount of time.

And while I know names like Morrow, Zarlenga, Porter, Porter, Horne, Marlowe, Wilkins, Allen, Milton, Olbrych and others will be ready next weekend, I am proud to have one more week of “Valley’s Greatest” as an allowable title.

Thanks again to everyone for reading and sharing your thoughts on the column each week. And good luck to the 300-plus competitors in next week’s Greatest Golfer of the Valley, 5.0. I look forward to seeing everyone out at Mill Creek for Round 1.

Jonah Karzmer is a former golf professional who writes a golf column for The Vindicator. In his spare time he sells commercial insurance for The Karzmer Insurance Agency and loves getting feedback on his weekly columns via email at jonahkarzmer@gmail.com.

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