Barnes and Noble hosts Batman Day


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.Barnes and Noble merchandising manager Millisa Fegley proudly wore her Batman T-shirt as part of the store's Batman Day.


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.Joanna Andrei read from the book "Batman vs. The Riddler" during storytime of the Batman Day event at Barnes and Noble.


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.Cole Wright of Cortland dressed up as Superman for Barnes and Noble's Batman Day event.


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.Barnes and Noble sales associate Joanna Andrei let the children decide which book she would read for story time during the Batman Day event.


Neighbors | Tim Cleveland.Ron Wright of Cortland examined a table of coloring sheets and giveaway items during the Batman Day event at Barnes and Noble.


As part of its Get Pop-Cultured event that lasted nearly a month, Barnes and Noble, located at 381 Boardman Poland Road, hosted a Batman Day on July 23.

“It’s a corporate-wide initiative,” merchandising manager Millisa Fegley said. “Every store’s doing Let’s Get Pop-Cultured for the next two weeks. Everybody is required to do a Batman event, but what you do with it in each store is kind of like your own idea. You get to put your own take on it, which is nice.”

There were many activities associated with the event, including having children build Gotham City out of Legos, having sales associate Joanna Andrei do a story time in which she read a Batman book, coloring sheets and giveaways.

Among the giveaways were T-shirts, toys, Batman masks, a Bat signal, DVDs, plus a showing of the 1960s Batman movie starring Adam West and Burt Ward.

Fegley said the event was highly anticipated before it even started.

“I think we’re going to have quite a few [people attend],” she said. “We had calls all night last night. We are doing Comic Con figures tomorrow that we’re selling from San Diego, We had calls all night for that. I think we’re going to be pretty swamped, which will be awesome.”

Ron Wright of Cortland attended along with his son Cole, who turned 6 on July 30.

“Superheroes, anything with superheroes,” he said when asked why they attended.

Cole was dressed up as Superman for the occasion.

“Yeah, he likes Superman,” Ron said. “He likes Batman, too, but he doesn’t have a Batman costume.”

Fegley said she hoped the event would encourage people to get involved with comic books.

“I think a lot of it for us, it’s not only having fun with the kids, but starting a new generation on comic books, which sometimes can be seen as a dying art form,” she said. “It’s kind of exciting to get them started into something that other people don’t see as something that’s as viable as it should be.”

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