Songwriter DiPiero, Liberty native, remembers Robin Williams

Heartfelt remembrances of Robin Williams, who committed suicide this week, continue to pour in.

Top country-music songwriter Bob DiPiero, who hails from Liberty, posted his thoughts on the late and great comic actor Tuesday.

DiPiero, who lives in Nashville, traveled to Afghanistan in 2010 as part of a USO Christmas tour to entertain troops. The show included Williams, country star Kix Brooks, comedians Louis Black and Kathleen Madigan and former cycling star Lance Armstrong.

Here is what DiPiero wrote on his website about the tour and Williams:

“Our little variety show played for audiences as large as several thousand enlisted men and women at the big bases and as small as 35 hard, dirty Marines at a forward operating base out in the middle of the suck. Robin was always the closer and he always leveled the place.

“One morning in Bahrain I came down to breakfast and saw Robin sitting by himself writing in a small blue spiral notebook. He invited me over to sit down with him and hang. After black coffee and small talk about the previous night’s show I asked him what he was writing. He told me he was writing notes on last night’s performance. What he did right, what he could do better. Humble greatness.

“Our last stop on the tour was a hospital in Germany where wounded soldiers were taken once they had been stabilized on the battlefield. What I saw I will never forget. Multiple amputations. Disfigured faces. Wrecked bodies. Grievous wounds suffered by men so very young.

“Kix reminded me today that Robin jumped in and carried us all. He brought laughter and lightness and a moment of grace to those broken heroes. They called him Mork, Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin amongst them, one hilarious lightning line following another.

“I will never forget you my friend.”

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