How would U.S. respond to rocket attacks from Canada?

How would U.S. respond to rocket attacks from Canada?

Over the years, the Pales- tinians have received hundreds of millions of aid dollars just from the U.S. alone. Did they choose to build libraries, hospitals and businesses? No, they have built miles of very sophisticated tunnels in which to carry out attacks on Israel.

The world and local press is outraged by the death of Palestinian women and children and would like the Israelis to withdraw. However, the Arabs slaughter each other by the thousands every year, yet there is silence.

The population of Israel is approximately 8 million. They are surrounded by hundreds of millions of Arabs, many of whom wish them dead or gone. No wonder the Israelis have a siege mentality.

I am sure the U.S. would accept daily rocket attacks from Canada! The Palestinians are an intelligent and resourceful group. Unfortunately they chose Hamas, which in its so-called constitution means Israel must be destroyed and all Jews killed.

You can’t really negotiate when your adversary’s main position is your death.

Jim McCloskey, Boardman

Prohibit left turns on Route 224 to lessen congestion and accidents

Anyone who travels on Route 224 in Boardman knows the high traffic patterns, strange driving patterns and the number of accidents from Doral Drive to Tippecanoe Road.

I have a suggestion.

Prohibit left turns from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m., except where traffic lights are positioned. Drivers trying to make left turns can cause tie-ups waiting for the chance to turn. Good Samaritans trying to allow turns do not always consider the parallel lane driver who may not see the turning car until it’s too late.

Too many accidents occur along this highway. The traffic signals supposedly are timed for the east-to-west flow but not the north-to-south flow.

The state of Ohio needs to take immediate action. There is no need for long feasibility studies, just new signs warning drivers that left turns are no longer permitted during these hours. All drivers — of school buses, Western Reserve Transit Authority buses, passenger vehicles and trucks — can benefit.

Lives can be saved, and any minor inconvenience is worth a life.

Patricia A. Turk, Boardman