Downfall toward Obamacare began decades ago with FDR

Downfall toward Obamacare began decades ago with FDR

How many people have signed up for Obamacare? The White House reports 7.1 million Americans signed up, and they call it a success; but is it? This health-care law only has a 26 percent approval rating and continues to be a hot button issue. What the White House is doing is confusing success with force.

Americans were told if they are not signed up for some form of healthcare by March 31, they will be fined. I would sign up for healthcare I couldn’t afford too if I had little choice in the matter. Some say if changes were made to the bill then it might be okay. Will it? The government is still telling us what to do, and what do we actually know about the law anyway? It’s 2,700 pages.

According to several area doctors who saw the problems with the law a mile away, those 2,700 pages are a mass of confusion. I admit I am confused. The few things I do understand are paying for euthanasia, abortion, contraception, and the impact on the economy alone is horrifying. Congress has recently come out saying Obamacare is not going to cost us $1.2 trillion, but $1 trillion. Wow, we’re really saving (sarcasm). At a time when we should be saving, budgeting, and focusing on our finances, the president and Senate find health-care reform should take precedence.

America has lost part of what made it a great Democracy — its unwillingness to depend solely on the Big Man, and making sure the little governments, states, had power too. In FDR’s presidency, we saw this mindset dwindle and in every Democratic president after, we watched it fall even more. America, wake up! Obamacare is a statement that the government has too much power; the people need to take the reins back. Obamacare, if you’re smart enough to see it, is obviously a fail in progress.

Hanna Bortmas, Niles