Be creative in cutting busing costs

Be creative in cutting busing costs

The golden days of walking 5 miles uphill to school are making their return.

The cost of transportation for students within Ohio’s public schooling system has steadily increased in the past several years.

“Ohio’s public school buses are traveling farther each year to pick up fewer kids” is an article recently published in The Vindicator and the Akron Beacon Journal. It details the high costs of transporting children to the school.

There is a definite flaw in the transportation system that schools within Ohio employ. The goal is to reduce the time school buses spend on the road. Implementing bus stops would be an effective process to do just that.

Children residing within neighborhoods should gather at one point from which buses can pick them up. Fewer stops results in less idling, traffic stops and time spent on the road.

It seems appropriate to have children attending charter schools to be picked up by a school bus. There is a greater physical distance between those attending said school, and it is not as efficient as a public school within a set community.

Carpooling for students not living within a general vicinity of a charter school should be exercised. Having buses journey into far-off lands is a vigorous task.

All taxpayers want to lighten their bill. Modest efforts put forth can do exactly that.

William Ludt, East Palestine