If voters repeal sales tax, look for county officials to punish us

If voters repeal sales tax, look for county officials to punish us

On Sunday, April 6, The Vindi- cator’s Page One headline read, “Some Mahoning Government Workers Got 3 Raises in 2013,” and “760 pay hikes top 3 percent.” One week later the front page reads, “Officials: Doom looms if sales tax repealed.”

Seriously? Do the county commissioners think your readers’ memories are that short? While many private-sector workers haven’t seen a raise since 2009 (that’s right, when Obama took office), public workers keep moving “forward” (the key word for the progressives’ mantra).

Government keeps expanding at the expense of the taxpayers. Where do you think the money comes from to pay them when the county hires a new worker? Once a government entity creates a new work position, i.e., “job,” that slot is rarely ever eliminated. While private-sector business cuts back workers to survive, what does the public sector do? That’s right, raise taxes.

What will happen if the county sales tax is repealed in the next election? Will the commissioners cut some of those 760 pay raises?

Not likely. Instead they will find a way to hurt taxpayers as punishment, like threatening to cut back police and fire protection services. Few administrations look for ways to clean house and eliminate “nonessential workers.”

Dr. Donald K. Allen, Youngstown