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Youngstown seeks military’s help with demolition of houses

Published: Wed, April 23, 2014 @ 12:06 a.m.

By David Skolnick



The city is seeking the assistance of the military to help with its blight problems.

“We’re requesting assistance from the Department of Defense to help with demolition of vacant houses and the removal of trash and brush,” Mayor John A. McNally said. “We’d be responsible for the abatement and dumping fees, but we’d receive free labor and equipment from the DOD.”

The city placed public notices in Monday’s and Tuesday’s editions of The Vindicator, a requirement before applying to be selected by federal DOD for its Innovative Readiness Training program. The application will be submitted later this week with the city finding out this summer if it is selected, McNally said.

If the DOD chooses Youngstown under this program, the work would be done in 2016.

“Demolition and blight and neighborhood cleanup are the biggest concern of citizens,” McNally said.

The city is proposing work at two locations, though the Newport/Cottage Grove area on the South Side is the top priority, the mayor said.

That area is bounded by Indianola Avenue to the north, Midlothian Boulevard to the south, South Avenue to the east and Glenwood Avenue to the west.

“We think it’s one of the top areas in the city that is in need of demolition,” McNally said.

The other location is the Upper North Heights area bounded by Gypsy Lane to the north, Broadway Avenue to the south, Logan Avenue to the east and Elm Street to the west.

The DOD program provides real-world training opportunities for service members and units to prepare them for wartime missions while supporting the needs of this nation’s underserved communities, according to its website.

If the city is chosen, it will compile a list of houses in those communities that are in need of demolition, McNally said.

The city has demolished about 3,000 houses since 2006. About 4,000 dilapidated structures remain in need of demolition.


1westsiderscare(35 comments)posted 5 months ago

These TOP location sites that were chosen wouldn't happen to because they are near Boardman and the campus of YSU would it? Why don't you start where the least damage is done so it could be possibly saved and work your way up. Ready to bail out...2016 REALLY?

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2ElPolloRetrasado(202 comments)posted 5 months ago

So I got some spare time and a crow bar or two. There's got to be more people out there like me, who do you contact to start tearing down the garbage?!

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3metroman(42 comments)posted 5 months ago

Wake up! This is the carrot and the stick coupled with a bribe. They have destroyed our Republic. Federal troops have no business in our city. They tax us, give us our money back with their strings attached and dictate what we can do in the schools, cities, counties (Nevada and Bundy affair),State, waterways and parks including reach down our pants when we get on a plane. This is a continuation of false flags dating back to “Remember the Main” up to and including the Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook. They are now training us to accept troops in our cities. Most people are good but “cognitive dissonance" has set in. Look the phase up, Orwell called it “double think.”

Now we have a missing 777 and no one knows where it is??????? They track us minute by minute, word by word. They know what we watch, what and where we eat and now have all our medical records and control our health systems. George Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and Orwell’s 1984 warned us but the nation has become sports, entertainment and porn junkies. May God help us.

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4Silence_Dogood(1342 comments)posted 5 months ago

The DOD could use the tried and true B52 with great ease. A fully loaded B52 can carry 51 Mk82 500 lbs gravity bombs, and for the larger houses it can carry the same number of Mk117 750 lbs gravity bombs.
The DOD can also deploy a platoon of Marines armed with the old M2-2 flamethrower.
The DOD can also provide an Army squad manning an M198 Howitzer.
And we wonder why the budged for the "Defense Department" is so big, an organization whose purpose is to fight our Nations enemies not tear down abandoned houses.

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5Silence_Dogood(1342 comments)posted 5 months ago

Budget not budged, sorry.

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6DwightK(1256 comments)posted 5 months ago

This is good news. The South Side area described in the article needs to be cleaned out. The less places these gangsta rats have to call home the better.

It only costs a few thousand dollars to demo a house. Anyone here who thinks the DOD program is a waste of tax dollars should submit a donation to the city. I'm sure they'll appreciate the help.

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7lovethiscity(147 comments)posted 5 months ago

Metroman...please remove your tin foil hat and step away from the keyboard. Oh...and take your meds.

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8metroman(42 comments)posted 5 months ago

Lovethiscity, probably to long for you, but here I go. Tin foil hat you say. Must you parrot what they say on the Orwellian Telescreen? Ben Franklin has been quoted as saying "those that give up freedom for security deserve neither." It was also said he was asked by a women when he was leaving Philadelphia "what kind of government did you give us?" His reply was "a Republic if you can keep it." If most people including you are asked what kind of government do we have the reply would be a democracy. Wrong, we have a Republic. A Democracy is 2 alligators and a poodle voting on whats for lunch, guess what is for lunch.
I am curious, what was the last book you read or is all you information provide by the "abc" networks, alphabet government agency, history channel, discovery channel, movie channel, ESPN, and anything else they want to bring in your home?

I challenge you to link to this site, it is a network site from a series called the Lone Gunmen, showed once and nerved again. Oh, it was show as a pilot in March of 2001. You can get the whole episode on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rsMG...
Remember Bush, Chaney, Rice and the rest said no one could image this. Well Hollywood did in March of 2001, strange isn't it.

I hope this reply was not to much of a burden for you. Try thinking outside the box, and analysis what I have written. Try reading the Federalist Papers, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution for a starter, it's a hoot.

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9lovethiscity(147 comments)posted 5 months ago

Yeah...it was "to" long. Take off the hat, take the meds.

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10James_S(268 comments)posted 5 months ago

194<-->8 = 1984

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11Silence_Dogood(1342 comments)posted 5 months ago

Joe there are no more BLU82's left in inventory we would have to use the GBU/43-B.

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12westsiderscare(35 comments)posted 5 months ago

Thanks for the history lesson...seriously Youngstown needs cleaned up. I don't know where you live, don't care, but being a Youngstown resident I am very passionate about its demise. I would like the work to be contracted out by local companies but obviously the city has other plans. Deal with it. Military family's would probably like to see their family members stateside regardless what job they will be doing instead helping other countries who don't give a damn. Just get this town put back together so it will be a place we all would be proud to live in and visit. As far as history....it is history...get with the present issues of today.

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13Silence_Dogood(1342 comments)posted 5 months ago

Thr present issue of the day is should the DOD clean up Youngstown. All sarcasm aside it is my position that the Men and Women of our armed forces should not be used to clean up our mess, their time is better spent on training for the primary task of the Military, that being waging war.
Deal with that.

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