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Making marijuana legal would open Pandora’s Box of problems

Published: Mon, April 21, 2014 @ 12:00 a.m.

Making marijuana legal would open Pandora’s Box of problems

There has been a lot of talk and even legislation put forth for the legalization of marijuana. One point was brought up about people with epilepsy (for whom no other medical treatment has worked). My question is this. How about people with epilepsy or seizure disorders that are controlled or managed well who would have “breakthrough seizures” from breathing in that substance?

What about all the people out there on prescribed medications of any kind? Marijuana and/or its byproducts such as secondhand smoke could interfere with the efficacy of these medications, which already have a litany of side effects. Marijuana has not been FDA tested for use as a prescription or FDA tested for side effects with other prescription medications and is a Pandora’s box. No where does it say how this currently illegal substance will affect these legal medicines. Who’s going to foot that medical bill and the lawsuits that will follow from any horrible drug-interactions or falls or lung cancers?

What about people who have to be free of this drug (even if it’s legalized) to keep their jobs? Or people who want to be free of this drug? What about people who live in apartments? There are many people in apartment living or condo living where ventilation is shared or shared interior hallways have to be passed through where innocent people and children will be subject to breathing in that smoke. There are many people in these buildings who when they would go for random urine tests or blood work would have false positives for this drug in their system and would lose their jobs.

My other issue with this is people believing legalization would get rid of the drug problem. That people would be somehow able to possess and use it legally, thus not ending up in jail for minor infractions. Are you kidding me?

If the FDA finds there is any medicinal quality to marijuana, then before legalizing it, our representatives need to be sure they are protecting the non-using populace, especially in their homes where they and their children have the right to be drug-free. Would we even be talking legalization if it were only for “recreation?” Or must we ride the sick man’s back to get it even on the table for a vote to use it as a legal recreation? How low will we stoop?

Lisa Beth Moore, Youngstown


1billdog1(3232 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

Lisa, read a book. You are projecting problems out of ignorance. I don't smoke the stuff but know a great deal of what you are implying is nonsense. Let's look at the reality. Possible second hand smoke from a neighboring apartment will NOT cause you to fail a drug test. What minute quantities would go through a ventilation system would not be detectable through a drug test, nor would it have as many health effects as going to a cook out, bonfire, or eating fast food.

Lisa, you may want to do a little research as to why marijuana is illegal in the first place. When it became illegal, and what prompted that action by our gooberment. The legal issue that most people are referring to is the fact that possession is illegal, not crime committed while using. Potheads are not out shooting each other or their neighbors. They are not out robbing the corner store or gas station to supply their habit.

Marijuana is not physically additive and most that smoke it are at less risk of hurting themselves or others than those that use alcohol. (I specify USE, not abuse alcohol.) Unlike alcohol these people are currently only asking for medical use of marijuana. Not recreational use. Yes, it is the opening of a door to legalize recreational use, but I personally am much more comfortable with a recreational using of marijuana neighbor than a recreational using alcohol using neighbor. It is a rare occasion that a pothead attacks his neighbor, where as, an alcohol drinking neighbor puts his entire neighborhood at risk. Eventually the alcohol using neighbor will drive after drinking, alcohol has been proven to impair thinking after one drink. Think of those kids your referring to outside. Marijuana rarely interacts chemically with other drugs (medications) when combined. Educate yourself before spewing nonsense.

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2bumbob(142 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

Marijuana is actually a pretty harmless plant with alot of uses as hemp. Up until 1937 this country used it for alot of industrial purposes, like for use to make ship sails.

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3redeye1(5057 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

Billdog You are the stupid one here. Because all of your so -called arguments are WRONG. You see when I serve this country in the military . I was stationed at a barracks where there were some soldiers who did smoke weed. One night they smoked out side the barracks after dark . The smoke came in to my room . Not knowing that they were smoking outside my window I woke up the next morning and my eyes were swollen shut. I was rush to the hospital . Where the DR's found out that I'm allergic to weed . So don't sit here and tell me that it doesn't affect others because it does. Secondly maryjane is mentality addicting. As far as having a neighbor who might use t it , No I don't want that person as neighbor. I have seen what maryjane can and does to people. For one it makes them lazy, so they don't seek employment , Which makes them dependent on GOV"T hand outs. I for one am tired of paying for these lazy drug induced slobs staying at home and taking my money for their drug habits.

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