2014 Boys Track at a glance


Coach: T.J. Koniowsky, second year

Top returners: Nathan Bowlen (Sr., sprints), Gary Gibson (Sr., sprints), Sam Ortz (Sr., hurdles/jumps), Zac Patrick (Sr., distance), Joe Harrington (Jr., sprints), Darrin Hall (Jr., sprints), Dylan Latone (Jr., pole vault), Logan Kusky (So., throws)

Notable newcomers: Anthony Linert (So., distance), Joe Pfeffer (Fr., throws), Brent Fairbanks (Fr., throws), Zach Krohn (Fr., hurdles), Conner Harr (Fr., distance)

Outlook: Last year’s district champions/regional runners-up lost standout thrower Billy Price to graduation, but return a ton of talent, particularly in the sprints.


Coach: John Phillips, third year

Top returners: Mark Hadley (Sr., distance), Alan Burns (Sr., distance), Justin Maroni (Sr., distance), Turel Thompson (Sr., sprints/jumps), Isaiah Lyle (Sr., sprints), Ivan Adu-Poku (Sr., sprints), Jeff Bean (Sr., hurdles/jumps), Brian Bodrick (Sr., sprints), Steve Brown (Sr., pole vault), Nathan Hadley (So., distance), Brendan Lucas (So., sprints/middle distance)

Notable newcomers: AJ Pantaleo (So., hurdles/jumps), Kobe Adu-Poku (Fr., sprints/middle distance), Sheldon Broyles (Fr., middle distance), George Wallace (Fr., throws), Nathaniel Ams (Fr., distance)

Outlook: Last year’s Federal League champions should again be strong in the distance, sprints and middle distance, but will need to continue to improve in the other events. Hadley, the Federal League athlete of the year last season, is coming off a state championship season in cross country.


Coach: Dan Libert, second year

Top returners: Ryan Sullivan (Sr., distance), Taylor Fortson (Sr., long jump), Jamie Williams (Sr., hurdles), Louie King (Sr., throws), Chad Hake (Jr., hurdles), Jacob Hocevar (Jr., throws), Marlon Szczepaniak (Jr., hurdles), Ben Cole (Jr., middle distance), Tyler Messina (Jr., distance), Willie Summerlin (Jr., sprints), Connor Dotson (So., distance), Ethan Petrilla (So., distance)

Notable newcomers: Victor Williams (Fr., sprints), Jacob Williams (Fr., hurdles), Austin Baker (Fr., sprints), Ethan Neff (Fr., distance), Tyler Harrigan (Fr., distance)

Outlook: The Tigers boast one of the state’s best distance runners in Sullivan, who holds school records in the mile and two-mile. They have good depth in most events but need some younger athletes to step up.


Coach: Charles Penny

Top returners: Marcus Boomer (Sr., sprints), James Daniels (Jr., throws), Jermaine Jones (Jr., hurdles), Kemani Anderson (Jr., distance), Demani Adamson (So., distance), Keemari Murray (So., sprints)

Notable newcomer: Tra’Cey Cole (Jr., sprints)

Outlook: The Raiders are led by state qualifiers in Boomer and Murry and regional finalists in Daniels and Jones. Penny said leadership is a strength but depth is a concern.

Division II


Coach: Dom Daltorio, ninth year

Top returners: Donovan McWilson (Sr., sprints), Marcus Penza (Sr., jumps), Tyrone Peakes (Sr., middle distance), Dante Penza (Jr., throws), Chris Mitchel (Jr., sprints)

Outlook: The Cardinals should be strong in the sprints and the field events and Daltorio expects to be better in the middle distance and distance events.


Coach: Scott Thornberry, 35th year

Top returners: Zack English (Sr., jumps/middle distance), Shae Long (jumps/middle distance), Jake Allen (middle distance/hurdles), John Miscuk (Sr., hurdles/throws), Chase Mahon (Jr., sprints), Jake Densmore (Jr., distance), Quinn Lyle (So., distance)


Coach: Rod Greenamyer, 15th year

Top returners: Aidan Dudash (Sr., sprints), Jacob Jones (Sr., throws), Ian Lowry (Sr., jumps), Dillon Marx (Sr., hurdles/relays), Frank Cimmento (Jr., throws), Tim DiBacco (Jr., distance), Dylan DoBay (Jr., jumps), Zac Hanley (Jr., sprints), Matt Jones (Jr., throws), Jeremy Potter (Jr., hurdles), David Vavrinak (Jr., sprints), Rashad Pennington (So., sprints)

Notable newcomers: Aries Shaw (Sr., sprints), Ethan Wassil (Jr., sprints), Tyler Anderson (So., throws), George Hill (So., sprints), John Marenkovic (So., distance), Mark Kolbrick (Fr., sprints), Martell Lett (Fr., sprints)

Outlook: Jones, a regional finalist last season, joins fellow regional qualifiers Hanley and Marx in leading an experienced group of Eagles. Depth in the distance events is a concern.


Coach: Mark Swinning, sixth year

Top returners: Jordan Lowther (Sr., throws), Ben Biehl (Sr., sprints), Aaron Lamer (Sr., distance), Jarrett Pishotti (Sr., pole vault/hurdles), Adam Bogard (Sr., distance), Christopher Edie (Sr., distance), Luke Brantingham (Sr., distance/jumps), Isaac Daffron (Sr., middle distance), Robbie Woodruff (Sr., sprints/pole vault), Nate Butler (Jr., distance), Jacob Tomko (Jr., distance), John Estlack (So., sprints/jumps)

Notable newcomers: Mason Borawiec (Fr., sprints), Bailey Kilpatrick (Fr., distance), Kevin Bayus (Fr., jumps)

Outlook: The Bulldogs have a senior-dominated roster, led by Lowther, a state qualifier in the shot put. They should be strong in the distance and throwing events and should be improved in the sprints.


Coach: James Fedor, 11th year

Top returners: Nathan Hippo (Sr., middle distance), Lennell Smith (Jr., sprints), Nathan Jefferson (So., sprints/jumps), Jimmy Vaughn (So., sprints), Zachary Vaughn (So., hurdles)

Notable newcomers: Brandon St. Clair (Jr., middle distance), Steven Mintz (So., sprints), Jasson Faison (Fr., sprints), Danny McCartney (Fr., sprints)

Outlook: The Red Dragons have a young team with mostly sprinters but Fedor has been impressed with their work ethic.


Coach: Gary Hoelzel, first year

Top returners: Tameko Holness (Sr., sprints), Ken Kopp (Sr., middle distance), Dalton Moore (Sr., sprints), Bill Palma (Sr., hurdles), Dan Pape (Sr., throws), Frank Serrano (Sr., sprints), John Sefcik (Jr., distance), Alajuwon Daniels (So., throws)

Notable newcomers: Mike Pape (Sr., throws), Anthony Clark (Jr., sprints), Anthony Farkas (Jr., sprints), Lukas Witkowski (Jr., sprints/hurdles), Alex Kluchan (Fr., sprints)

Outlook: The Wildcats have a senior-laden team, so Hoelzel wants to make sure he gets his younger athletes involved in the dual meets to gain experience. Struthers should be strong in the sprints, throws and hurdles.


Coach: Tracy Wyatt, eighth year

Top returners: Andrew Filp (Sr., throws), Dustin Greenawalt (Sr., middle distance), Bryce Butcher (Jr., sprints/jumps), Ben Fitzpatrick (Jr., throws), Steve Koneval (Jr., middle distance), Cody Park (Jr., sprints), Zach Robbins (Jr., jumps), Josiah Ross (Jr., hurdles/sprints), Casey Ruthrauff (Jr., hurdles/sprints), Brandon Utley (Jr., jumps), Jake Zinni (Jr., throws)

Notable newcomers: Anthony Miner (Sr., distance), Alex Buga (Jr., throws), Hunter Neilson (Jr., sprints), Carl Bates (Fr., throws), Ethan Griffith (Fr., hurdles/sprints), Rob Lozier (Fr., hurdles/sprints), Max Pigza (Fr., distance)

Outlook: Led by state qualifiers in Greenawalt and Filp, the Warriors should again have a strong team capable of competing in the Northeastern Buckeye Conference.


Coach: Greg Woolman, second year

Top returners: Trevor Cope (Sr., sprints), John Davis (Sr., throws/relays), Nick Dean (Sr., distance), EJ Miller (Sr., middle distance), Caleb McGath (Sr., high jump/relays), Greg Bable (Sr., sprints)

Notable newcomers: Clint Linhert (Sr., throws), Joey Mellinger (Jr., middle distance), Zack Hicks (So., sprints), Dannen Breault (So., sprints), Eric Lloyd (So., jumps/throws), TJ Carr (Fr., distance), Jack Davis (Fr., throws)

Outlook: Crestview lost some good athletes to graduation but returns a good senior class. The Rebels should be strong in the distance and throwing events and their relays had a strong indoor season.


Coach: Stephanie Jarvis, third year

Top returners: Mike Minnie (Sr., throws), Collin Pope (Sr., throws), Brian Grover (Sr., hurdles), Nick Lucente (Sr., middle distance), Emmett Hynes (Sr., sprints), Eric Grow (Jr., middle distance), Vince Hensberger (So., jumps), Myron Anderson (So., hurdles/sprints)

Notable newcomers: Jesse Terwilliger (Sr., sprints/throws), Austin Fitch (So., throws), David Durbin (Fr., throws)

Outlook: With 11 seniors on the roster, Lowellville has the talent and the experience to make some noise in the league standings.


Coach: Mark Yoder, 17th year

Top returners: Stephen Pop (Sr., shot/discus), Solomon Yoder (Sr., distance), Scott Rupe (Sr., middle distance/high jump), Ethan Obradovich (Sr., throws), Derek Morrison (Jr., distance), Dan Eschman (Jr., sprints/jumps), Charles Woodrum (Jr., distance), Tyler Gregory (Jr., sprints), Tristan Dahmen (So., distance)

Notable newcomer: Jake Hall (Fr., middle distance/jumps)

Outlook: Pop was a bronze medalist at state last year in the discus and the 4x800 relay team took fourth. As usual, the Rockets will be strong in the middle distance and distance events and the throws.


Coach: George Stroia

Top returners: Patrick O’Brien (Sr., distance), Ra’Quan Reeves (Sr., sprints), Aaryn Jones (Jr., throws), Jonathan Neeley (So., throws)


Coach: Jack Thornton Jr., first year

Top returners: Carl Zallow (Sr., sprints), Zach Watt (Sr., sprints), Chad Zallow (Jr., hurdles)

Notable newcomers: Chandler Samargia (Sr., throws), Dimaje Clinkscale (Jr., throws), Jacob Coates (Fr., sprints/hurdles)

Outlook: Zallow won last year’s 100-meter title at the state meet and Zallow won state titles in both hurdling events. The Eagles will again be strong in the sprints, particularly with the addition of Coates, who was named the top runner at last year’s Trumbull County middle school meet.

Note: Includes information from schools that responded to a preseason questionnaire.

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