Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sony warns of battery issue in some laptops

Published: 4/12/14 @ 12:00

Sony warns of battery issue in some laptops


Sony is advising consumers to quit using some of its Vaio laptop computers and unplug them, saying that it’s possible that its non- removable battery pack could overheat.

The company says it’s in the process of creating a program to repair or replace the computers, or will refund their purchase price.

The packs included in some of Sony’s Vaio Fit 11A models, which were released in February, were provided by a third-party supplier. If the packs overheat, it could cause burns to the laptop’s housing, Sony said Friday.

The recall affects computers with the product name “SVF11N1XXXX.” It’s unclear how many laptops are affected.

Jitters over earnings drive stocks down


Investors drove the stock market lower for a second- straight day Friday as they grew anxious that earnings growth was faltering.

Weaker earnings at JPMorgan Chase dragged bank stocks lower. And big drops in once-soaring tech stocks pushed the Nasdaq composite down for a third week.

From wire reports

Selected local stocks


Aqua America, .61, 24.49 —.39

Avalon Holdings,5.05—.10

Clear Channel, .61 22.30 .24

Cortland Bancorp, 10.55—.25

Farmers Nat., .127.46 —.09

First Energy, 2.20, 33.15—.34

FirstMerit Corp., .64,19.78 —.28

First Niles Financial, .32,7.50.47

FNB Corp., .48,12.65—.10

General Motors,31.98—1.33

General Electric, .76,25.47—.11

Huntington Bank, .20, 9.40—.02

JP Morgan Chase, 1.52,55.35—2.05

Key Corp, .22,13.19—.31

LaFarge, 22.64 .00

Macy’s, 1.00, 56.91—1.16

Parker Hannifin, 1.80, 119.20—.62

PNC, 1.76,81.17—.56

RTI Intl. Metals,27.19—.39

Simon Prop. Grp.,4.60,166.90—.16

Stoneridge 10.46 .05

Talmer Bank, 13.74—.08

United Community Fin. 3.72—.06

Selected prices at 4 p.m. Friday. Provided by Stifel. Not to be construed as an offer or recommendation to buy or sell any security.

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