Mindless meditation rules in US

Mindless meditation rules in US

America needs a president that understands “faith and reason” go together rather than one who gives society permission to self-destruct.

While Christianity teaches “faith and reason,” politicians want “mindless meditation” taught in schools. Once the government moves into the newsrooms, investigative reporters will be “mindless” too.

Why are politicians asking Americans whether or not they want to become legalized pot heads? Were Americans asked whether or not they want drones flying over their heads? With the possibility of population control, America had better get out of the mud and look up. Permissive Big Brother isn’t looking out for society’s well-being.

Sylvia Koczwara, Youngstown

Up with spring, down with meat

After several months of crippling snowstorms and flooding, I really look forward to spring weather, green grass and flowers in bloom.

The advent of spring is also a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf on our dietary and exercise habits. In fact, I’ve been told that hundreds of communities celebrate the advent of spring with something called the Great American Meatout.

Local health advocates host educational events, where they ask visitors to get a fresh start this spring with a healthy diet of vegetables, fresh fruits, legumes, and whole grains. For those who need a little encouragement, the Meatout website provides useful information and a chance to pledge a healthy diet for one day or more.

Albert Drago, Youngstown