Madness runs amok in D.C.

Charleston (W. Va.) Gazette: Republicans in Congress, backed by fundamentalist and tea party groups, are going all-out to prevent 30 million “working poor” Americans from obtaining health insurance.

Here’s one facet of the battle: The American Family Association — known for its hostility to gays and its desire to revoke women’s right to choose — asked its 2.5 million members to “flood the Capitol switchboard” with nonstop calls demanding that Congress halt funding of the Affordable Care Act.

The white evangelical organization supports a House resolution to wipe out financing for the ACA. “The House can stop Obamacare in its tracks this week,” President Tim Wildman announced. “No money, no Obamacare.”

Why, for heaven’s sake, would a gay-hating religious outfit want to block medical coverage for millions of American families? Maybe its leaders should read the commandments by Jesus to care for the sick and the poor.

Former Republican Allan Tweddle of Charleston wrote angrily to Rep. Shelley Capito this week, saying it would be idiotic for the GOP to “shut down the government because you don’t like the ACA.” Sometimes it seems that madness is running amok in Washington.

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