Youngstown officials say two houses uninhabitable

YOUNGSTOWN — Police deemed as uninhabitable two houses in different parts of town Thursday.

Officers were called to a 20 S. Evanston Ave. home on the West Side about 11:30 a.m. for a complaint of noxious odors and were overwhelmed by the odor of human and cat feces from garbage bags on the curb, reports said.

Inside, each room was packed with debris, feces and urine from floor to ceiling, a tree had fallen on the house, the garage was collapsing, and the home was filled with large spiders and cobwebs and an overflowed toilet.

Reports said the homeowner is ill and does not live there.

The father of the two adults who live there arrived and got the two people, James DiCicco, 25, and Christine DiCicco, 22, to come outside for police. They were ordered to leave and cited on the misdemeanor charge of having a dwelling with noxious or offensive odors. Police deemed the home uninhabitable.

About 3 p.m., police were called to a Carroll Street home on the South Side for offensive odors, and found dog feces and urine inside and outside as well as trash, vehicle parts and several abandoned cars. The inside was impassable due to the amount of feces and trash, reports said.

Humane agents had to remove three dogs because of the conditions, and the house was deemed unfit for habitation.

Cited on property-violation misdemeanor charges for littering and deposit of garbage, rubbish and junk and having a dwelling with noxious or offensive odors were Goldie Reed, 54, and Patricia J. Verbeke, 24.

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